Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Religion divides. Ironic isn't it?

I can't help but see religion dividing people instead of what it was originally meant to do: Bring people closer together... One example is that of Christians and non-Christians having a written fight on the Youtube comment page of Sun's Fancy Free video... It not only turns me off completely but makes me feel that religion should be abolished not because it teaches the wrong morals or values, but because it pulls people away from one another.

It seems to me that a peaceful future cannot involve religion. Peace and religion don't seem to go hand in hand, ironically. It seems the Soviets had the right idea of advocating atheism, rather than religion. Of course it wasn't really done for the sake of peace. So the idea was right, just wrongly used. I don't really get it why the Jew, Christians and Muslims are really fighting one another... Just because only Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God isn't a good enough reason to fight. Just another example of why people fight because of misunderstandings, rather than genuinely hating one another.

Well this is something I see from my own point of view. I'll always respect and try to understand other opinions and view. But I'll fight if they are imposed upon me.

Note: This is a picture of the crusades, which were a series of "holy wars" fought by the European powers against the Muslims in the Middle East, with the objective of capturing Jerusalem from the so called "heretics".

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