Monday, August 31, 2009

Reden Unplugged - Tokio Hotel

Just so y'all know, you can continue tagging on my cbox as I've fixed the problem already.

Here's Reden the unplugged version by Tokio Hotel.
It sounds really good!
And also added below is the photoshoot for their one of their albums "Zimmer 483"

Reden Unplugged - Tokio Hotel

Photoshooting For Zimmer 483

This video proves that even when dirty, Bill still looks fantastic.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Freunde Bleiben

I'm not in the best of moods now...

Here's a song that somewhat reflects what I'm thinking and feeling.

Freunde Bleiben - Tokio Hotel

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zombie Snails!

Just a note to all of you who even read my blog...
Please leave comments instead of tagging on my cbox, as my anti-virus programme blocks it from being used at all. And it's a real hassle to keep going to just to find any new messages. So do me a favour and leave comments instead! Thanks!

Anyway, I was just surfing the online "Tube" for some random stuff and chanced upon this really, iccky, yet fascinating video about Zombie Snails!

This is just for a little bit of variety in between all those TH videos.
Of course, I still love them and their music.

Anyway, here comes the Revenge of the Killer Zombie Snails!!!
Head for the hills!!!

1 more paper!

Merely 1 more paper, and then I can finally apply for a change of course!
Can't wait for next Thursday, finish that last paper and then apply for course transfer.

In the mean time, here's a video of Tokio Hotel performing "Spring Nicht", one of my favouritest songs, during the Viva Comet Awards 2007 in Europe.
This is the orchestral version of it, and I think it's pretty neat.

If you wanna just skip to the start of the song it's at about 46 seconds.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, you decide, the fans are screaming their heads off!
So the music at the start is rather soft. But it gets better.
And Bill's voice, as usual, is fantastic!
Tom's guitar skills are crazy!
Georg's a madman on the bass!
Gustav's a drummer from hell!

They're such a great band!
I'll do anything, even bungee jump off Mount Rushmore, just to spend 1 day with them!

Anyways, without further ado, here's "Spring Nicht" by Tokio Hotel!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kino sees ghosts?

It's now the Hungry Ghost Festival.
According to Chinese belief, ghosts from hell are given a 1 month parole.
They are released from hell to visit their family members or do whatever it is that ghost do.
Ever since the second day of the Hungry Ghost Festival
Kino, my dog has been avoiding dark areas of the house, and also avoiding the doorway.
Even if the light is on, she won't go near there.
Even when we want to bring her out for a walk she gets absolutely terrified.
Tail between her legs as she backs away from the door.

So anyway Kino has been sleeping in my room for 2 nights already...
And she likes to push people off thier own beds...
Can't wait for the Hungry Ghost Festival to be over...
Dogs can see ghosts...
At least that's what they say...
Here's 2 rather old picture of Kino

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tokio Hotel's Neue Sang!

Here is the full version of some of Tokio Hotel's new song that will be released in their new album "Humanoid" and also their new single "Automatisch/Automatic"

"Humanoid" will be released in October
"Automatisch/Automatic" in September

Oooh! I can't wait!

In the mean time here are the songs...
I'll try to get the lyrics as soon as possible,
and if I get it I'll paste it into this post,
so keep checking back yeah?

Automatisch - Tokio Hotel

Automatic - Tokio Hotel

Dark Side of the Sun - Tokio Hotel


I think I made the right choice.

Ready, Set... Go!

It'a time to run!
It's time to jump!
It's time to scream!
Time to make some noise!

Let it all out!
Make it happen!
Shout so loud!
Let it all out!

Let's go!
Towards the horizon!
Let's go
Towards our dream!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Zimmer 438 DVD and CD

Alright! Just received my package from Amazon an hour ago!
And here it is, for my viewing pleasure!
I've waited for less than 2 weeks and it has arrived!
Now I'm just waiting, rather impatiently, for the TH autographed electric guitar.
Oh well...
Anyway, here are some pictures of my Tokio Hotel collection so far.
More to come, as I earn my own money, and find more stuff to purchase.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A 2 year chronicle

I've never ever felt so much better.
It's been an amazing walk with Him...
From 2 years ago on the 6th of April...
When a friend of mine brought me to church.
The feeling when he approached me was one of happiness.
I went and, well, things went on from there.

I got to know some great people from then on.
Kelvin, for one of course, also Joel.
Christina, I'll never forget. Always funny and spiritual.
Then W363 combined with W331.
Met some more people, whom I've become friends with.
People like, Dorothy, Sap, Joshua...

Then came December, and we multiplied.
People got emotional, and let tears just flow.
W363 was whittled down from 40+ members to less than 20.

But then we joined with W279.
And again I met more great, wonderful and amazing people.
Cynthia, Emily, Karuna, Wei Yang, Pei Yang, to name a few.
We had some great times together.
Then my friend left... I was devestated...
Things between us got... Complicated.
The situation got a little better.
But then I always relapsed.
People got worried for me. I think some even got sick and tired of me acting so... "Emo".

Then December came again...
And I saw my friend again.
It was an awkward situation.
I felt confused, and happy at the same time.
I thought perhaps things could be better again...
Wishful thinking on my part...

Well, then the school year started.
I was so hyped and forgot about certain things.
Then, I don't really know what happened.
It just did...
I'm not sure if I'm grateful for it...

Somewhere in June, I think, I started to attend church less.
Same for Cell group meetings.
Things got pretty bad...
I did drastic things to take my mind of certain thoughts...
People got worried again...
I got worried... Troubled... Confused... Angry?

And now here I am...
Faithless, unspiritual, hopeless...
But at the same time...
Energetic, elated, reborn...
Hope slowly returned... It came as a subtle wave.
Like a trickle of water filling up a pail.
Now I'm so filled with it.

Who should I thank for that?
My alternate self?
I'm not really sure.

But I think, experiencing church life...
Knowing those great people.
Gaining a friend and losing him...
Going through those valleys,
and climbing those mountains.
Feeling battered and feeling alive.
Fighting myself...
Are great experiences.
Something precious.
Something valuable to me.
Something to be treasured and remembered.

More of these experiences will be coming my way.
And be it up or down...
I'll take it as it comes.
My motivation pushes me on.
And makes me undefeatable.

Beliving, hoping, trusting...

Automatisch/Automatic - Tokio Hotel

Oh my... Oh my, oh my, oh my...
I'm speechless right now...
I'm so hyped up, but words can't express what I feel right now...
I just heard one of Tokio Hotel's new song, "Automatisch/Automatic".
And I am stunned beyond words.
It's so poppy and rocky, but I like it.
Man... Tokio Hotel rocks.
And I definitely can't wait for their next album, "Humanoid" to come out.
According to the tabloids the album is heavily influenced by science fiction, and it features tracks such as "Automatisch", "Dark Side of the Sun" and "Pain of Love".
I can't wait for "Humanoid to be released, and I hope that it'll be released in Singapore...

Here are the links for Automatisch/Automatic



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rette Mich - Tokio Hotel

I have a DE lab test tomorrow... It's not the simplest of things to plan the circuit on paper...
Oh well, I'll just wing it...

DID! I will get you!

Here's Rette Mich by Tokio Hotel. It's a very nice song!
One of my favourites, along with Spring Nicht.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Rette Mich

Rescue Me

Monday, August 17, 2009

New beginings?

I'm in school now, and am quite shagged...

Awaiting for the exams to come and be over.
Then I'll apply for a course transfer.
Then I'll get in to DID.
Do well, and graduate from that course.

Starting from year 1 again will be guite good.
It'll allow me to do things that I couldn't do this year.
I want to make next year a great year for me, full of enriching stuff for me.

I'll make the most of "MY" new begining!

My future

I've been thinking about my future for the past 20 mins while listening to Tokio Hotel. (Obvious isn't it?)

Anyways, this is my future...

Get my DID, go over to Germany and live there.
Work hard in an ID firm and earn loads of cash.
Hook up with a nice German girl,
Get married and have 3 kids. (All boys, hopefully...)
Raise them as my parents raised me.
Love them and my wife.
Never forget about my family in Singapore.
Invite them over every year for holiday.
See my children grow up, and achieve their dreams.
See my kids get married, and have their own kids.
Become a grandparent.
Love my kids, and grand kids, and my wife.
See my grand kids get married and have their own kids.
Become a great-grandparent.
Love my kids, grand kids, great-grand kids and my lovely wife.
Be at my deathbed, surrounded by my family.
And it'll either stop here or continue...

Oh and, somewhere in between that whole list of things, go for as many Tokio Hotel concerts as possible!

The more I think about it, the more confident I become, that ID is for me.
I'll do everything humanly possible to get a course transfer.
I'll scream it out loud, cause I believe it.
I'll scream it out loud, cause I can feel it.
I'll scream it out loud, and when it hurts...
I'll scream even louder!

Believing in my dream is very important. To have a course in life. A destination.
To have passion and to live a vibrant life.
And when I'm down, to have motivation.

I just wanna give thanks to my Mum and Dad in this post...
Thank you so much for encouraging me all these years, for the good advice you've given me.
For the love you've shown and showered upon me.
While I'm never perfect, you still love and care for me.
So, many many thanks to my loving parents.
Please support me in my decisions.


I wanna thank Tokio Hotel for their encouragement.
Your music inspires me and gives me strength.
And every time I hear your music, I feel as if it was made for me.
It's probably very cliche already, but I mean what I say.
Thanks so much!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jung und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei - Tokio Hotel

Just got back from watching "UP" with the CG at Lot 1.
Not a fantastic movie, and to me, not worth the money. But overall it's an alright show.
Here's another Tokio Hotel vid.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Jung und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei - Tokio Hotel

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tokio Hotel Videos


I found a whole motherlode of Tokio Hotel music videos, but embedding was disabled by request of the user... So unfortunately I can't paste it on my blog...

I had a dream recently, where in it I got my Diploma in Interior Design (DID), and I went over to Germany as I was wanted by an ID firm...
I really want to get my DID, but even if I prayed...
Who ever listens attentively to a stranger?
Who ever listens seriously to someone who is not close to you?

Tokio Hotel's music has been a great source of inspiration for me...
And so, they're the gods of my idolatry...
Cheesy, Romeo and Juliet line.

On a happier note, I've received notification from Amazon yesterday that they have shipped my order, and so I can expect to get them within a month max.

Can't wait for it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Heilig - Tokio Hotel

This is "Heilig" from Tokio Hotel.
The direct translation would be "Holy"
But for the English version it's "Sacred"
Well whatever the translation or the title, Tokio Hotel still produces great music.
Can't wait for 20th of October, that's when their new album "Humanoid" comes out!
In the mean time here's some more Tokio Hotel for you.

Heilig - Tokio Hotel

Sacred - Tokio Hotel

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Autographed Tokio Hotel Guitar!

I just spent $311.95 on a authentic, genuine autographed Tokio Hotel guitar.
It comes with certificate of proof, and that's enough for me.
My only concern is that I may be scammed...
And to me it's a big sum of money.
Here's two pics of the guitar

I also bought these 2 items...
1) Zimmer 438 - Live in Europe (2 DVD Edition)

2) Zimmer 438 Music CD

Total cost of the entire shipment is about $550...
So I'm kinda worried...
But oh well...
Anything for an original, authentic, genuine autographed Tokio Hotel guitar.
For all I know, Tom may have even played it before.

Spring Nicht - Tokio Hotel

Not really sure if I want to go to church today... It's kind of like I want to go, but at the same time I don't want to...

I've really fallen far this time...
I seriously need help...
And this song helps me to keep on going.
Und ja, ist von Tokio Hotel

Spring Nicht - Tokio Hotel

Don't Jump - Tokio Hotel

Verse 1
On top of the roof,
The air is so cold and so calm.
I say your name in silence,
You don't wanna hear it right now.
The eyes of the city,
Are counting the tears falling down.
Each one a promise,
Of everything you never found.

I scream into the night for you,
Don't make it true.
Don't jump
The lights will not guide you through,
They're deceiving you.
Don't jump.
Don't let memories go ,of me and you.
The world is down there out of view.
Please don't jump.

Verse 2
You open your eyes,
But you can't remember what for.
The snow falls quietly,
You just can't feel it no more.
Somewhere out there,
You lost yourself in your pain.
You dream of the end,
To start all over again.

I scream into the night for you,
Don't make it true.
Don't jump.
The lights will not guide you through,
They're deceiving you.
Don't jump.
Don't let memories go, of me and you.
The world is down there out of view.
Please don't jump,
Don't jump.

I don't know how long.
I can hold you so strong.
I don't know how long.

Just take my hand,
Give it a chance.
Don't jump.

I scream into the night for you,
Don't make it true.
Don't jump.
The lights will not guide you through,
They're deceiving you.
Don't jump.
Don't let memories go, of me and you.
The world is down there out of view.
Please don't jump,
Don't jump.
And if all that can't hold you back,
I'll jump for you.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Übers Ende Der Welt - Tokio Hotel

And here's more Tokio Hotel...
Obviously because I love them, and their music.
The first one is in German.
The second in English.

Enjoy both!

Übers Ende Der Welt - Tokio Hotel

Ready, Set, Go - Tokio Hotel

Monsoon - Tokio Hotel

I'm kinda lazy to do the translation for "Durch Den Monsun"...
So I've place the English version here for your enjoyment!
Lyrics are below. =D

Monsoon - Tokio Hotel

Verse 1
I'm staring at a broken door
There's nothing left here anymore
My room is cold
It's making me insane

I've been waiting here so long
But now the moment seems to have come
I see dark cloud coming up again

Running though the monsoon
Beyond the world
To the end of time
Where the rain won't hurt

Fighting the storm into the blue
And when I lose myself
I think of you
Together we'll be running somewhere new
Though the monsoon
Just me and you

Verse 2
A half moon's fading from my sight
I see your vision in it's light
But now it's gone and left me so alone

I know I have to find you now
Can hear your name
I don't know how
Why can't we make this darkness feel like home

Running though the monsoon
Beyond the world
To the end of time
Where the rain won't hurt

Fighting the storm into the blue
And when I lose myself
I think of you
Together we'll be running somewhere new
And nothing can hold me back from you
Though the monsoon

Hey! (x2)

I'm fighting all it's power
Coming in my way
Let it take me straight to you
I'll be night and day

I'll be there soon, so soon
I'll be with you soon
Just me and you
We'll be there soon
So soon

Running though the monsoon
Beyond the world
To the end of time
Where the rain won't hurt

Fighting the storm into the blue
And when I lose myself I think of you
Together we'll be running somewhere new
And nothing can hold me back from you

Through the monsoon
Just me and you
Through the monsoon

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ich Liebe Tokio Hotel und Bill

Was listening to a few songs that I've played on Guitar Hero and trying them out.


I think I'm in love with Tokio Hotel.
Bill's really cute.
A little too cute for his own good...
He's androgynous, but I think that suits him well.
He has a nice voice too. At least to me...
Personally I prefer him to sing in German than English...

Here's one of their more well known song.
P.S: Ignore the pictures, I chose this vid because of clear quality sound and because there are lyrics. Enjoy! =D

Dead Xbox

This is just fantastic!
My Xbox just died on me... Thank God I still have the old Xbox...
Unfortunately, the old Xbox is packed away already, ready for the transition to the new house...
So right now I can't play any of my games...

At least I still have my laptop.
But I hope my laptop isn't the next to crash...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Well, I'm still sick...
Gonna see doctor again in the afternoon, and in the mean while, I'm gonna go to school soon to pass some documents to my friend, then I'll come home and rest some more.

I missed out on FOP and 20th anniversary. Can't say that it matters much to me.
I'm gonna find out how to change course and then I'm gonna change to a design course.
Most probably gonna go into game design, just like Knein.

Well, gotta get going now...