Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm quite tired right now, but I'm still gonna do some blogging before I head over to dreamland. In my current state of tiredness, my mind isn't exactly functioning at 100%. In fact I would say it's only operating at 20%, which includes the usage of my 5 senses and thinking of what to blog right now.

Well then, no.1, I've been eligible for the Diploma Plus Programme, as I've said in my previous post, and I'm probably either going to take computer software programming, or reject this opportunity. In anycase I've gotta think this through and make a decision in a few days time.

No. 2, I wouldn't be wrong in saying that people lie. And when it's from people closest to you, it hurts more. Strangely it doesn't surprise me that this has happened. In fact if you're reading this, you'd probably have no idea of what you've done. It also goes to show what I really mean to you. I've leaned on you alot, so that probably makes you think that I wouldn't survive without you. Well, you're wrong. Let's see how far this goes. Probably a few weeks, a few months. We'll see.

No. 3, if I ever see Tokio Hotel, I've only this warning for them, "Don't let me hug you. Cause I'll never let you go." Surprisingly, this thought came to me while I was jogging yesterday. Wierd huh? Anyways Tokio Hotel will be on Habbo Hotel on the 27th of September to hang out with their fans. Habbo Hotel is gonna have to start up a new server just for this day, cause it's gonna be flooded with lots of fans. In fact, I expect the server to crash. Haha! Well, Kelvin, IF you're reading this at all, this isn't a phase, and I'll always like Tokio Hotel, even after they've disbanded.

No. 4, related to no. 3, if I ever look sad, or pissed off, or whatever negative mood, it's most likely that I've not had my daily dose of Tokio Hotel. Each time I see them, either on stage, or on Tokio Hotel TV, or even in pictures, I'll just smile. It's this kind warmth that they exude, and makes me just want to smile. And while, I may never get to see them in person, I'll probably earn big bucks by the time I'm 25, and pay to hang out with them for 1 day. Tom and Bill would be 28, Gustav, 29 and Georg hitting 30. But it doesn't really matter. If I'm a praying man, I'd pray for them to last forever.

No. 5, I'm hungry... I've not eaten and I went swimming just now, so I'm peckish. But on one hand my brain says, "Don't eat!" while the other half says "Just indulge!" Whatever the decision's gonna be later will determine how I feel about myself later. Mein gott! I sound like an emotional eater who's on a diet with really bad hunger pangs...

Well... That's all for now. Gonna play my guitar for a bit before going off to dream about Tokio Hotel!
Tokio Hotel Feur Immer!

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