Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm a drink ;)

Ayron (Beverage with yogurt)

"Ayron" is mostly made in summer times, as it is cold and nice beverage. "Ayron" is prepared from so called "suzma" it is kind of sour yogurt. But you can also make it with a simple yogurt. Some people add salt in it and some not. We like it with:)

200 gr of "Suzma" or yogurt
400 ml of cold, pure drinking water
Salt to taste
Some mint leaves for decoration
In a blender add "suzma", water and salt, combine all the ingredients until smooth. Pour in glass and decorate with mint leaves. Enjoy!
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Das ist eine grosse verrat!!!

Tokio Hotel was in town.
Thought it was by invite only.
Turns out it wasn't.
Pamela is my number 1enemy now.
Be afraid.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The tale of Orpheus and Hades

For those of you familiar with Greek myths and legends, this is one story you'll find familiar.
The tale of Orpheus and Hades

Orpheus was a musician. But not just any musician. He was the best in the entire world.
He could play music and sing songs that could make anyone, commoner or noble, cry in sorrow or rejoice in gladness. Kings would pay huge sums of money, just to hear him play. Orpehus' joy was found in playing the lyre. But his true happiness laid in his newly wed wife, Eurydice.

The newly weds foun great joy in each other, be it from strolling through the streets of Athens, or gambolling in the countryside of Greece. The couple found immense joy in the little things they did with each other. With Orpheus' fame and talent with the lyre, they were to remain well fed and well clothed for the rest of their lives. But alas, such joy is not meant for mortals, and Eurydice would be taken away from Orpheus...

One day, while walking through the orchards, alone, a satyr spotted Eurydice and she, he. She ran as fast as she could, trying her utmost best to run away from this crazed creature. But in her haste she had ran further away from safety, and soon she was cornered by the satyr. She slowly backed away, never keeping her eyes of the creature. In doing so, she failed to notice a pit of venomous cipers behind her, and she fell in...

Orpheus, searching for his beloved, asked around town, and they pointed him in the direction of the orchards. He searched high and low, until he spotted a pit of venemous vipers, with his companion lying in it. Dead. He took her out of the pit and grieved her like no man had ever grieved before. Having lost his beloved, he turned to his lyre and played...

The gods on Olympus heard Orpehus' heart wrenching tale of his loss, and they too were moved to tears. And so they told Orpheus of an entrance to the underworld. The realm of the dead. If he could successfully navigate his way to Hades, king of the dead, he could get Eurydice back from the dead...

Heeding the advice of the gods, Orpheus took up his lyre, and made his way to the underworld. Upon arrival he saw the River Styx, awaiting on the shore was the ferryman, Charon. He begged Charon for passage past the River, but Charon was adamant, and refused to take him, unless Orpheus could pay. Orpheus, without money, sat on a boulder by the River, and started to play his lyre. As he played a crowd of souls gathered around him. Even Charon had gotten off his ferry, just so he could hear Orpheus' music better. As he plucked the strings, he regaled his story of loss to all who were around him, and finally, he managed to enchant Charon to carry him across the River Styx for free.

Upon arrival on the other side of the River, Orpheus came to the gates into Hades. But entrance was not for mortals, such as himself. To ensure that, Hades' pet, Cerberus, guards the entrance. The 3 headed dog was bigger than any dog Orpheus had ever seen, his fur was pitch black, and his teeth were as sharp as knives. Orpheus, relying on his skill as a musician, started playing his lyre again, and within moments, the great dog was fast asleep, granting him entrance into Hades.

After a short distance, Orpheus saw his last obstacle. The king of the dead, Hades. Seating on his throne, with his eternal wife, Persephone by his side. Knowing, by now, what was to be done, Orpheus started to perform for the king and queen. He deftly plucked each string, sending it reverberating of the walls of the cave. The sad, soulful melody enthralled all who heard. As Orpheus begain singing of his beloved, and his grief, even Hades, the never moving god of the dead, was moved to tears. As such, Hades allowed Orpheus to bring Eurydice out of Hades, on one condition. He had to trust that she was following him, and not look back, not even once, while they were still in the realm of the dead. Only upon passing through the River Styx and up to the world of the living could they look upon each other again.

Orpheus began his ascent to the world above once again, he passed through the sleeping dog, and got onto the ferry. But doubt began to plauge Orpheus. Had Hades tricked him? Is Eurydice just behind me? Could she catch up? As the doubts plauged him, the temptation to look back grew. As they got off the ferry, Orpehus continued to climb. But just as he was about to reach the surface, he could not take it anymore, and so he turned, to see Eurydice for the last time. Orpheus was shattered, Eurydice had indeed been behind him the whole time. An unseen force then dragged Eurydice back down to the depths of Hades. And Orpheus, from then on walked the wilderness, and telling his sad tale to all who would listen...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In the never ending change of this realm, I live my life.
I wake up everyday not knowing what comes next.
Will I live, will I die?
There are days when I feel great, days when I feel shitty.
Those are the days, which strangely, I prefer...
Don't ask me why, cause up till now, I still don't know.
I can ask myself why so many time, but I never know.
I guess the reason is because days like that make me treasure everything a little bit more.
The family that I have.
The friends that I enjoy.
Everything seems so much more enjoyable.
Only on days which are shitty.
The days that are great tend to become more mundane.

I wish I was insane.
Free from this world.
Living in mine.
Mine alone.
Imagination is my blessing and my curse.
I live in it, and it lives in me.
Together as one.
Forever and ever...

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm heading down to town again tomorrow for dinner.
Gonna catch up with some secondary school friends.
Gonna be a good time =)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gluecklich Geburstag!

Happy birthday me!
I'm 18.

Instead of doing something adventurous, like clubbing, drinking till I'm wasted, going out with friends...
I'm in front of my loving laptop, blogging, listening to music, watching Aeon Flux and eating ice cream...
What a way to celebrate my 18th.

Whatever floats my boat right?
Different strokes for different folks!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Bill Kaulitz is on ads now!
Goes to show how famous he is!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Update, update, update!

I know I've not been updating my blog as often as before, but what can I say? The past few weeks have been pretty boring...

Well, now that I'm blogging, I might as well just update some things.

1) It seems that I'll no longer be moving anywhere. I'll be staying put in Jurong, which is all the way in the west.

2) I've not received my enlistment letter yet, which means that I'll probably go into the army after June. (Keeping fingers crossed)

3) I really wish that Slaanesh was real.

4) I met up with an old friend, and I'm glad things turned out well.

5) Chaos Rising is a really good game!

6) I'm still in love with Tokio Hotel! (Bill, to be more precise. I love all the members though.)

This one's for you Cat =D

Friday, April 2, 2010

"Welcome to HUMANOID City"

Yay! It's official! There will be a Live DVD for the "Welcome to HUMANOID City" tour!
But instead of shooting it in Oberhausen, as they usually do, it will be shot in Milan!
I can only suppose that the decision to shoot it there is influenced by the time Bill spent there this year.
Still, I can't be bothered where it's shot. All I care about is being able to bring Tokio Hotel to my room!
Can't wait for the DVD's release!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yay! There is a new Live DVD for the "Welcome to HUMANOID City" Tour!
I'm so excited!

Oh, and I'll be moving in on the 8th