Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've felt kinda restless and tired since Sunday... I hope it passes soon...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let the weight of Your glory fall.

Spirit of the sovreign Lord, come and make Your presence known.
Reveal the glory of the living God.

Let the weight of Your glory cover us.
Let the life of Your river flow.
Let the truth of Your knigdom reign in us.
Let the weight of Your glory, Let the weight of Your glory fall.

Coming in from SP!!!

Coming in from SP!!!, So far the week has been good, seeds are definitely being sown here. O Lord, ignite in me the fire, the urgency for the lost.

School's been fine so far, and I've finally got my new notebook, and that's where I;m typing this blog entry from. Learned quite a few things, that are definitely useful in my engineering course. looking forward to many more new things, in school, in my life, and in the spirit.

Nothing will seperate me from the love of Christ!!!

Beauty unfolds,
Joy overflows.
Your grace begins,
This treasure within.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Would I be left? On the day when the trumpet sounds, and all the saints of God get whisked away to His kingdom, would I be left? Would I be left on earth, alone with the rest of the world?

To sum it up, I think I've died my second death.

We've fallen too far, too far to be reconciled... While I still long for, I know that it is impossible...
To be redeemed from my second death seems inconceivable, cause that'll only mean I'll die a third death, if there is even such a thing...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So it seems that my path is denied. A year will pass, a chapter that will no doubt be as dull as the pages of dusty old tomes in delapidated, antiquated buildings...

Life presents itself with situations everyday. Good ones, okay ones and bad ones. It is in His infinite wisdom that we have such problems, to strengthen, to mould and ultimately to be worthy of the crown that has been given each of us.

In this month of April, I come ever closer to approaching 17... A number that comes after 16. A supposed sweet 16... While last year had it's ups, it also has it's downs. The past catches up with the present and carries om into the future.

It stops when I say, goes on when I allow. It's a friendship of convenience. Uses me when it needs me. Uses it when I need it. Its in my thrall, and I in its.

We shall see how long this journey goes. But whatever it is... I don't know what to say, or think... My actions and thoughts require to be dictated...

Like a machine...