Friday, September 4, 2009

Automatisch/Automatic Video Premiere (Part 2)

Oh yeah! I was the 680th person to view the music video premiere of "Automatisch/Automatic".
It is a great music video and the lyrics are catchy.

In the begining you may think, "Hey, there's no link to what Bill is singing." but nearer to the end you'll be like "Ah, now I see!"

I especially like the part where the robots are about to literally "Kiss", but the girl just breaks away. It was kind of sweet yet sad. And makes you think alot... Well at least for me.

Anyway you can view the music video at the Tokio Hotel official fanclub at...

And while you're there you may want to check out their other music videos as well.
My recommendations are "Rette Mich", "Spring Nicht", "Durch Den Monsun" and the english version "Monsoon"

I can't wait for Sept 22nd! And according to the website. It'll be available everywhere! So hopefully everywhere means Singapore as well!

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