Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I was watching this programme called, Voices in Time on the History Channel this afternoon, and today's man of the hour is Fidel Castro. Interesting programme and helps people to know who Castro is. Anyway the purpose of this post is to give you another example of my previous post, as a comment on Castro’s recovery from intestinal surgery, U.S. President George W. Bush said: "One day the good Lord will take Fidel Castro away." Hearing about this, Castro, who is an atheist, ironically replied: "Now I understand why I survived Bush's plans and the plans of other presidents who ordered my assassination: the good Lord protected me."

I love the way Castro made a witty comeback. But this goes to show how religion divides nations. Castro has commented that he would like US Cuban relationships to improve, but if the leader of the US makes such a comment, rather than thanking God for his recovery, then how can it happen?

Anyway, I've just checked my results, and my GPA is 3.833. Not too bad. I'm also eligible for the Diploma Plus PRogramme, which will allow me to study for another diploma, so when I go into the workforce I'll have an extra edge over the competition.

Oh and also, Tokio Hotel will be on Habbo Hotel on the 27th of September. I'll be there, so I can see them, and talk to them! And hopefully they'll choose my question to be featured in their upcoming video.
Ich liebe Tokio Hotel, sind sie das beste Band der Welt!

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