Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am deranged...

I'm floating on clouds of imagination,
Carried to my castle in the sky.
To my domain of sweet temptation,
That mortals see with prying eye.

Ich schwebe auf Wolken der Einbildungskraft,
Getragen zu meiner Burg am Himmel.
Zu meiner Domäne der süßer Versuchung,
Den Sterbliche mit neugierigem Auge sehen

The wine flows freely,
The bread soft as snow.
With every sip there be a fee,
With every bite there be a blow.

Der Wein fließt frei,
Das Brot, das weich ist als Schnee.
Mit jedem Nippen gibt es eine Gebühr,
Mit jedem Biss gibt es einen Schlag.

Mortal mind can't comprehend,
The beauty of my insanity.
Before mortal might I will send,
My sin and they will flee.

Sterbliches Gemüt kann nicht verstehen,
Die Schönheit meines Wahnsinns.
Bevor Sterblicher ich betreibt, werde schicken,
Meine Sünde und sie werden fliehen.

Human day ends,
Demonic night begins.
Time and space bends,
Humans shed their skins.

Menschlicher Tag beendet,
Dämonische Nacht beginnt.
Zeit und Platz biegt,
Menschen verschütten ihre Häute.

Safe and sound,
In my castle in Hell.
The damned are bound,
And in my ears they yell.

Safe und hört sich an,
In meiner Burg in Hölle.
Das verdammte ist gebunden,
Und in meinen Ohren schreien sie.

Such sweet, tempting music,
The cacophony of a thousand souls.
I wear my ornate tunic,
Through my cryptic garden I strolls.

Solche süße, verführerische Musik,
Der Missklang von einen tausend Seelen.
Ich trage meine gezierte Uniformjacke,
Durch meinen rätselhaften Garten schlendere ich.

I awaken in my room,
All has changed.
Trapped in my padded tomb.
I am deranged.

Ich erwecke in meinem Zimmer,
Alle haben geändert.
Eingefangen in meiner gepolsterten Grabstätte.
Ich bin gestört.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gonna have some friends over for dinner tomorrow.
Hope that it'll be a good time...
And here's a little music for us.

P.S: I apologize for not blogging that often, but seriously... Life is so boring right now... Mein Leben ist Langweilig...

Friday, May 21, 2010

To Tom...

I figured that since I've always been doing alot of Bill posts, this one will be for Tom!
So, instead of just gooing on and on and on about how great he is, I'll let the pics do it for me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I had a wonderful morning.
Woke at 4.20am, which means only about 2 hours of sleep.
Chatted with a new friend from 5am till 11am.
Wonderful morning.

Uneventful afternoon, which saw me take a 30min nap.
Call a hotel.
Receive a call from a hotel
Watch a movie

Boring evening.
Had dinner
Received another phone call from the hotel.

And now I've been pulled into a talk, that's hosted by my uncle...
*Sigh* I don't wanna go. But still, I think I'll just make the most of it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking back, I see why I liked Hitler.

Placing myself in the shoes of a German citizen.
The anger, the humiliation that I faced.
Our sense of National Pride, taken away from us by the signing of that "Diktat".
Then came along, one obscure man, who promised us more than just work and bread.
Here was a man, an ordinary guy, who would restore our National Pride.
One who would defiantly break the Treaty of Versailles.
Give us more lebensraum.
His anti-semitic views would've spurred me on, and made me believe that the Jews were to blame.
It would be easier blaming someone who's different from us, then to blame my own fellow Germans.
I can see why, I would have voted for him in the elections.

But it's horrific.
The thought of voting for the man who would bring the whole of Europe to the brink of destruction.
Supported by men who believed in a "Total War".
A war that would cost the lives of 50 million soldiers. 6 million Jews.
The almost total destruction of Germany as a Nation...

Just thought I'd do some self reflection...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I need to go shopping for white pants and shoes soon...
A nice brown leather belt wouldn't hurt as well.
Neither would...
Nevermind, I got a bag that suits the piece perfectly.
But I do need the white pants and shoes, and the leather belt.

La dee da...
I'm so bored.