Sunday, January 31, 2010

So it's my last day in SP tomorrow...
Not particularly excited, neither am I particularly sad to go.

Now, my path lies a head, long and uncertain.
I've thrown away what was given, to pursue what was not.


I lay down my head,
Down on the ground.
I lay on the bed,
Daring not to make a sound.

Darkness comes,
Consuming light.
Lullabies it hums,
Taking my sight.

I shut my eyes,
'Fraid of what I'll see.
Fields of snow and ice
Surrounded by endless seas.

I walk the fields,
Chased by ghosts.
Climb the hills.
To awaken the Host.

I regain my sight,
Hope for the best.
There's no light.
Another night of unrest.
Yay! I got a new RPG! The long awaited Mass Effect 2! Having loads of fun with it, except I can't help but make alot of noise about the fact that I need a high powered computer to really really enjoy the game.

In other news... 2 of my ex-church friends are coming to my home today. For whatever reason, I dunno. Both of them used to be my students, to whom I'm quite certain I've imparted some knowledge, spiritual and secular. One of them even trusted me alot. But now that I'm no longer in church, will this affect the way he looks at me now? I don't know. All I can say is, "Time will tell. As it always will."

They're due to arrive at 12pm.
Till then I'll be on my computer doing my stuff...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Last day of school

Monday will be my last day in Singapore Poly.

I will make full use of the time I have till I get enlisted in NS.

Here's a list of things I wanna do...

1) Go to the gym everyday. (Treadmill, weights, etc...)
2) Enroll myself in Basic Drawing Lessons.
3) Learn more about Fashion.
4) Meet up every weekend with my friends.
5) Get a job at a fashion retail store.
6) More to come...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Okay, I've filled out most of the form. Now I just need signatures. My parents, andthe schoold director's...
Hopefully all goes well.

I'll throw in some pics of Bill for good luck :)

Bill: Look, can this wait till AFTER breakfast?!

I hope all turns out well...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green Light

I have the green light to stop schooling temporarily.
Shall see what needs to be done for me to drop the course.
This will be another big milestone in my life.
I hope I'm doing the right thing.
It's times like this that I wish I had some guidance.
I tried to thro myself onto the tracks today.
I am edging on suicidal.
But no worries, I'll probably live.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm very tempted to wear my CNY clothes now...

Here's some pics of Bill

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Went shopping for New Year's clothes at Vivo City today.

Went to A|X and Zara...

Guess what?

I bought clothes from the women's section from both boutiques...
Let's see other guys try to pull of wearing women's clothes.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Funnest Day Ever!

Fantastic! Wonderful! Lovely isn't it? Sorry Morgan... Haha! Can't help myself.

Had the absolutest bestest day for 2010 so far.

Same as usual, woke up around 8am, shower, brushed my teeth, did my face, hair, etc, etc...

Then came back to my room to get dressed, simple this time because I was rushed, just a simple black Giordano muscle tee with my leather jacket, black jeans from Zara, white and grey belt from Loewe, and my Kenzo shoes. I would have worn something nicer if I had the time... Well anyways, just when I was about to leave my home I couldn't find my wallet, and I would've found it if my mum didn't rush me! She was like, "C'mon, hurry up! I'm late!" and stuff like that. So that made my sweet morn into a pretty sour morn...

Anyways arrived at AC around 9.50am, and Morgan was there already! She's always there earlier than me! Gotta change my habit and be there earlier than her. So I met <3 and Tiki today, <3 was lucky that I wasn't in a pretty good mood in the morning, otherwise she'd be crawling out of AC with broken legs for being a hater... But anywho they're a fun bunch of people!

We hung out at the AC, went back to the Eagle's Nest for lunch, and I had my waffles again! And the Mozerella Cheese Sticks! It was simply heavenly... Then we headed to Far East to walk and shop and talk, but then Tiki had to go home early for her music lessons... So it was down to Morgan, Nicky, <3, and myself... We spent about 40mins at Far East before heading over to ION, where we were "Scream"ing all over again... Then at ION we split up for awhile, but we got back together as a group eventually. And apparently Morgan and Nicky will gasp at everything that I don't know, that's American... They were shocked that I don't know what's this and that... I'm Singaporean... Please don't hold it against me...

So anyways I learnt how to play Mao... It's a pretty confusing game... And then I learnt how to play War... Or was it More? I dunno... So we spent quite a bit of time at ION before heading over to Takshimaya, where I picked up my fashion design books! And a DVD by Tim Burton. It's gonna be a great watch. So then we headed up to Brick World, where we had fun playing with the Lego. We built the tallest structure ever in the shop's history! We then left from Takshimaya to Cathay where we had more fun! We took pictures in those photo booths, apparently that's a very American thing to do... So I took the photos with them, and yeah that was fun as well.

Then we had no idea where to go to next so we just walked about, from Cathay to Paragon, Lucky Plaza, and then back to ION... And the wierdest thing happened at Paragon, I made a comment that I was gonna donate sperm at the sperm bank in Paragon as a joke, then Morgan made a very loud comment... "You've donated sperm before?!" I was sure everyone who heard turned to look at us... It was the randomest, loudest and funniest comment ever! We had such loud random conversations while we were at Paragon. Then after all the fun we went our seperate ways at ION.

The day was absolutely the bestest best ever. And it was even better that I got to spend it with such Awesome, Fun, Hyper, Fantastic, Wonderful, Beautiful, Exciting, Random and Lovely people.
Definitely the Super Duper Uber Interesting Bestest Best Best Bestest Best Friends ever!

Here are the pics!

Building the tallest Lego Tower. Ever!

It's taller then the 2 giants!

The photobooth pics. Gotta do it again...

Noodles? Guess again... Courtesy of Nicky!

Friday, January 22, 2010

World Behind My Wall - Full Acoustic Version

Here's World Behind My Wall - Full Acoustic Version.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Huete is Donnerstag

Yay! Heute ist Donnerstag. Der vierte Tag der Woche.

Only 1 more day till I get to meet Morgan and Nicky again!!!
And this week I'll be meeting Tiki and <3 as well... Eleni can't join us and neither can Sarcastic Irony...
Oh well... This is life I suppose, Ich kann meinen Kuchen nicht haben und kann es essen.

Fairly excited, and I'll be going down to Kino on Saturday as well to pick up some books and to get a DVD. If they have the title I'm looking for.

Here are some pretty cool art that I found on DA. It's really good work, and the Macabre theme, I like.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super Model: Bill Kaulitz

Bill Kaulitz, teen rock star, international super idol, sexy fashion icon and all round multi-talented guy, is on his way to Super Model status. Gracing DSquared's fashion parade in Milan, not long after the GQ Magazine shoot.

Starting out as a singer for the German rock band Tokio Hotel, The 20 year old Bill Kaulitz has done more than just singing in the past few years. He has done voice acting for the fantasy movie "Arthur und die Minimoys 1 and 2", he has worked with Fashion against Aids to promote safe sex and such. He has even posed for Karl Otto Lagerfeld in the German "Vouge" magazine. Now he has posed for GQ Magazine and even done a fashion show in Milan.

Great things are in store for Bill Kaulitz in the years to come. But it is unlikely that we will see him stop singing for Tokio Hotel in the years to come.

Bill's Portfolio

Arthur und die Minimoys 2

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cruel fates.

A terrible thought just occured to me...
It started out the same way...
Your character is so similar...

Tis a second chance?
I honestly don't know...

Tis fate playing a cruel trick on me?
I honestly don't know...

Time will tell...
Or will it not?

I leave it here for now...
Please don't let it happen again.

I'm still broken...
So once again thanks to all my friends who seem to have taken an interest in my education. Thanks so much! You guys make me smile : )

In other news...

Today I wore the exact same outfit that I wore on saturday. Why? I wanted to see what my frenemies thought about it. I've got mixed reviews. Some say it's not bad. Some say it's okay, but would be better if I didn't cut the sleeves.

But the ultimate compliment... Someone said I looked like a "Prosti-dude"...
I have no idea how to react...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fate? I dunno...

The signs are so evidently clear... That I shouldn't be an engineering student...
I should be in design... Maybe fashion, architecture, or interior design.

I mean even before I made my decision for my posting, all my friends were telling me to take a design course, or linguistics or art... Only my dad continued to encourage me to take engineering...

Then during my European tour the families that I got to know also thought that I was a design student. Some even encouraged me to take design rather than engineering...

Then yesterday when I met Morgan and Nicky, a girl came and asked if I was a stylist.

If that's not the ultimate confirmation, then I dunno what is... I mean those closest to me told me to take up design. Then those whom I've never met before but got to know, also encouraged me to take up design... And just yesterday a person whom I never even knew existed thought I was a design student...

Argh! I dunno what to do now...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bestest day of the Year! So far...

Oh my gosh... Today has got to be the best day of the year!

So far...

Today I woke up at about 6am. Fairly excited about what the day will bring. Dragged my lazy ass carcass to the washroom and took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, styled my hair, etc...

Then went back to my room, fairly awake now, and my dilemma kicked in... What was I gonna wear today? I settled for a plain black Giordano shirt to go with the scarf I got from Paris. But the scarf was getting in the way by going all over, it was like a flower blooming! So I got a vest on top of it to get it under control. But then the sleeves on the shirt got in the way... I tried rolling it up, but it kept "un-rolling" itself, so I got fed up and cut it off... Apparently, mum approves. And my sister thinks my outfit is gay...

Anyways, so I grab my bag and my laptop and got on my way to the AC. Then I remembered I forgot the USB cables... Not that it matters anyway, thanks to the internet! Yay! Anywho, I arrived slightly late at the AC, but it wasn't my fault! It was the train's fault!

Anyways, Morgan and I then just sat and we talked for about 4 hours! My gosh. I'm quite sure she learned a bit more about me... Then Nicky joined us! And then we went for lunch at the Eagle's Nest at the AC. I wish I could eat there everyday. Oh! And highlight of the meal... I had REAL AMERICAN WAFFLES!!! No other waffles will satisfy me now... And I've fallen in love with Mozerella Sticks!

And so we walked to Far East after lunch and just walked about and talked alot more.

Oh! And I did something that I wouldn't usually do. I was "Scream"ing all along Orchard Road! And then I was "Running through the town!" and then more "Scream"ing! It was the best fun I've had in quite some time. So anyways Nicky left and Morgan and I went to ION to go window shopping! It's my first time there... Yes I know, it's like being a Singaporean and never singing the National Anthem. Well anyways, I'd definitely like to shop there. And turns out that Morgan and I like to go shopping in markets. I got a partner for the next time I go grocery shopping! Haha!

But of course all good things have to come to an end... And so we parted ways soon after... And I took a cab back... And, like I mentioned earlier... Maybe I should have taken the train home...

In conclusion... My life will probably never be boring ever again.
I think I've just found 2 new Super Duper Uber Interesting Bestest Best Best Bestest Best Friends!
Thanks for the great time guys!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kumar the official Drag Queen

Here he is! Kumar! Singapore's National Treasure! Approved by government okay!
Enjoy his show!

Disclaimer: For those who are easily offended by the slightest things, don't watch at all. You have been warned. Contains mature jokes.

And I'm hyped up about tomorrow... Only regret not being able to meet Tiki...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm going to meet Morgan, Eleni and Trevor on Saturday!
I'm so excited!
Trevor I'll be like meeting for the 1st time!
So yeah, that adds to the excitment!

Can't wait till Saturday.

Sexy Twins

Here to share the different pics of Tom and Bill Kaulitz in their photoshoot.

Tokio Hotel GQ Magazine Photoshoot

In recent news...

Ayron's life is going rather well, though he still doesn't know what he wants for himself.
School is rather boring for him and he doesn't like going to school.
Something is wrong with him as he sleeps rather early recently.
For instance, he slept at 6.00pm yesterday.

Breaking news!

Tom and Bill Kaulitz, the guitarist and singer, and super duper uber sexy twins, of the ultra famous band, Tokio Hotel, have recently done a photoshoot for GQ Magazine. Here is a video clip of the photoshoot.

Tokio Hotel GQ Magazine Photoshoot

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rabbids Go Home!

I've been captivated by the crazy alien rabbits!

Check this out.

Rabbids Go Home! - Meet the Rabbids

My European Tour (Part 7)

We approach the end of my European Tour, but we always save the best for last, don't we?
Today we say "Auf Wiedersehen Lucerne!" and say "Bonjour, Paris!"
That's right! Today we head to Paris!

Day 9
We leave our hotel in Lucerne at 8am and begin our 10 hour journey towards Paris. Imagine, 10 hours on the bus with a pit stop every 2 hours. It's enough to drive anyone crazy! Or so I thought, the ride was rather uneventful. It was raining outside while we were warm and dry in the bus. Time passed by in the blink of an eye, with the aid of a few movies. We watched "G.I Joe", "Kung Fu Panda", and a cantonese show called "Cooking Godess"

Eventually we arried in Paris, 30 mins ahead of schedule, which was a good thing! Our first stop in Paris wasn't the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre. It was a chinese restaurant. That's right, we had a chinese dinner! In France no less. My waiter was hot!

But back to the main point... After dinner we went for a river cruise on the river Seine, which runs throught Paris all the way to the English Channel. It was a wonderful cruise, except it would've been more wonderful if I had a special someone to hold on the coldwindy deck... Ah well... I'm a hard man to please, haha! That plus I've got pretty high standards. The river cruise was great, and I had a whole bunch of pictures of my trip.

After the rive cruise we headed back to our hotel, the Hilton La Defense, for a good rest until 10.30pm. Aftewich my mum, my sis and I went back down to the lobby to meet up with another family, a honeymoon couple and our tour guide. What were we gonna do at 10.30pm at night? We were going to have fun at the Moulin Rouge! We arrived at the place about 10.40pm and we queued up in the cold for about 20 mins before being let in. When we were seated, every person wa given half a bottle of champagne, it ws good champagne, might I add. The show started at about 11.45pm, even though we were told it would start at 11pm... But hey, I'm not complaining.

The performance was truly world class! The performance was more than just dance and song, there were comedic skits, jugglers, and even a vetriloquist in between the acts! The ventriloquist made me laugh till my sides hurt. It as a really good experience, and I'm glad I could experience it before I even hit 20! I'll definitely go back again when the opportunity arises! The show ended at about 1am and by then we were really tired, but still hyped by the performance. We arrived back at out hotel around 1.30am, and then we had a short rest, before being awoken at 7am the next day.

Day 10
We were awoken at 7am the next day, but I was already awake at 6.30am. We had a wondeful breakfast at the Hilton's restaurant and then we headed out of the hotel for our city tour at about 8.45am. Our first stop on the tour was the Arc de Triomphe. It's basically a giant arch built to commemorate Napolean's victories in Europe and Africa. He, however, would not live to see it. He died bfore it was even completed. We headed next to Napolean's tomb, and then the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower was built at the end of the 19th century in anticipation of the 1900 World Fair. It's designer was the engineer Monsieur Gustav Eiffel. He created it even though many people said it wouldn't stand on it's own. But when it was completed everyone fell in love with it. Gustav Eiffel even lived at the top of the Tower for 4 years, that's why they installed a lift for him. To get to the top you can either take a lift, or alternatively, you could climb the stairs. We decided to take the lift, but even so, you gotta queue up just to take the lift... We stood in line for almost an hour just to go up. But it was worth the wait. The view of Paris from just the second floor was spectacular! And so I snapped away with my camera.

We came down from the 2nd floor after about 25mins, and then it's time for the most exciting part of Paris. Shopping!!! Strangely, for a guy, I sure like shopping forbags, shoes and clothes... Oh well, my uniqueness is unique. (Uhm... Kinda redundant to say it twice, but who cares?)

We headed to Galeries La Fayette, the largest shopping center in Paris. And we shoppers were really happy, because Prada had a 40% discount off selected items exclusive of the 12% VAT tax refund, which brings it to a total of 52% off. I was estatic. Imagine me squealing like a girl when I heard we got 52% off. Haha!

So yeah, I got a Prada bag, and then we went to Versace, where my mum got alot of stuff, bag, ring, shades. And I got a pair of shades from Versace as well. Then we headed to BV, and there my mm bought another bag and a wallet. Then my tor guide got the sales manager to bring me about the shopping mall to get some shoes. It felt great being taken care of by a staff, who is none other than the manager. I felt so honoured.

Well so on the way to get shoes I got distracted by a metal belt, which I saw and like. Then I also got distracted by a beautiful silk scarf. I eventually bought both. I'm a sucker for fashion... Finally, after a few more distractions I finally got to my shoes, and I bought a pair of Kenzo shoes. There was another pair of Kenzo boots that I liked but they didn't have my size... I felt sad... But in any case it was a wonderful shopping experience.

And so we headed back to our hotel after our shopping spree and rested till 10.30pm before driving out to the Champ Elysses to celebrate the countdown. It was bestially cold, but it was wonderful, walking down the middle of a usually busy road, seeing people drinking champagne and merry making. Setting off fireworks and having a whole load of fun. I walked the entire 4km of the Champ Elysses, from the Arc de Triomphe to the Christmas wheel and back. That's a total of 8km. The experience was great.

Well we headed back to our hotel afterwards and started packing our luggage. We would be leaving wonderful Paris tomorrow...

Day 11
Nothing much, woke up early headed to the CDG airport and flew home to Singapore.

Day 12
Arrived in Singapore. I'll miss Paris...

Now Ayron shuts up, and the pictures take over

Paris (Day 9)

The French countryside

Moi at one of our pitstops

Eiffel Tower as seen from the river cruise

Moulin Rouge Interior

Moulin Rouge Exterior

Paris (Day 10)

Me in front of the Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower as seen from Trocadero

Napoleon's tomb.

The Eiffel Towerin all it's wonder!

Paris and the river Seine

Notice Napoleon's tomb?

Trocadero as seen from the Eiffel Tower.

Maxim. The most expensive restaurant in Paris.

Moi on the Champ Elysses! Beat that Mr. Gomez!

And now the exciting part...

My Purchases!

The Metal belt

The silk scarf (I know it looks nothing like a scarf...)

Self Explanatory.

Kenzo Shoes

My Prada bag!

And that's the end of my 12 days in Europe! Hope I've been able to somehow bring you guys along with me through reading my posts. The only thing I have to say about that place? You've gotta visit that place before you die. Otherwise yo wouldn't die peacefully! Haha! Have a wonderful 2010!