Friday, July 30, 2010

Unfounded fears, tug at my hearts.
Unsounded tears, flows from my cuts.

I play the game of life.
Only to be given a pack of lies.

From lies I escape.
Only for my mind to be raped.

The heart slows down.
I just drown.

In tears and blood.
Into an endless flood.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm back

Hello readers!

After a long hiatus of almost 3 months, Transhuman Ayron is back again.
I will do my best to update as often as I possibly can.

So do check it out, and leave your thoughts!

Transhuman Ayron

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The red sun shines

The red sun shines,
O'er the fields and o'er the sea.
The red sun shines,
But not o'er me.

My life is lived in solitude,
My eyes see in black and white.
My ears are used to silence,
I live my life despite.

I used to see in colour,
I used to sing in rhyme.
But ever since you left my sight,
All I do is mime.

I long for you once more,
I live to see the day.
But the days go by and you don't come,
"Give up." That's what they say.

I wander about the street.
I shamble in the alley.
I get back home onto my sheet,
And darkness is all I see.

The red sun shines, o'er the sheet,
And finally o'er me.
The red sun shines, onto me
And blood is all they see.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Home at last! I think...

At last my long journey comes to an end...
I am safely at home now, and so I'm gonna blog and unpack my luggage at the same time.
The journey started on the 15th of July. Flying from Singapur to London.
Then from London to Paris.
Then Paris to Barcelona.
Then Barcelona to Munich.
Then Munich to Bochum.
Then Bochum to Frankfurt.
And finally from Frankfurt to Singapur...

I'm home at last. But somehow I don't feel home...
I shan't regale my tales of adventure here. At least not now...
I shall however tell it to those who wish to hear, so just ask.

London Bridge

The Tower of London

The London Eye

Parliament House and Big Ben

Same, except with Westminster Abbey

St. Paul's Cathedral

I love this car...

Arc de Triomphe


Tequila Sunrise, in the afternoon... Bad idea...

Jojo und Ich in Paris

Jojo und Ich in Muenchen

Many Gackt fans and I in Bochum

Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the way home

At last... I'm on my way home soon, and will arrive back in Singapur in about 25 hours.
But before then, I will see Jojo again!!!

And then it will be 3 years before I see him again.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 days in Europe

Packing now...
And I'm too lazy to do it...
But I gotta...

10 days travelling in Europe.
Starting in London.
Down south to Paris.
Down further south to Barcelona.
North to Munich
Further up north to Bochum.
Ending in Frankfurt.

10 days plus minus 1 day for travelling.

Packing, packing, packing...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Which, what, why, when, how?

Stop. Think. Act.
Act. Think. Stop.

Which am I?

A creature of impulse.
A being of desire.

What am I?

Pleasure seeker.

Why am I?


When am I?


How am I?

To those dear to me,
I wish that I could do something more than just write this to express how grateful I am for all that you've done for me, and for standing by me. Recent happenings have shown me that I stand quite alone, compared to what I have come to believe. Though in no way comparable to what others go through.

To my mum. The one who stands by me, come what may.
This is all I have to say...
I love you.

To my friends. The joy bringers and counsellors.
I stand by you, just as you stand by me.
I hope to repay you all someday with more than just gifts and words.
And believe me when I say that I'll be loyal and true.
A huge thank you to all of you!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't take something you agreed to and turn it against me.
Not FUCKING appreciated.

Thank you.

Belated update.

I feel like there has been no need to update what I've been doing.
The memories alone are precious and dear enough to never forget.
But in the event that I do, I hope that there will always be something to remind.
And so, I update now about the cruise trip with lovely mum, awesome friends.

Brought Lokies and Fen Mien up on cruise with me.
Mum was nice enough to get us a room at a lower price.
We did many things on board.
But I don't wanna bore with details.

A picture speaks a thousand words.
So now I'm gonna giveyou several thousand words.

Steel myself.
Toughen up.

Filled with sympathy.
Filled with empathy.
But not attached.

Attachments are false.
As is my imagination.
Hold on to those, and lose yourself.
Let go of those, and free yourself.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Wanderer.

The Wanderer walks,
Empty and blue.
He walks for miles,
Over land and sea.

The reason for his wandering,
He wouldn't say.
Passerbys could only,
Wonder and sigh.

He walks over mountains.
Crosses over seas.
Walking through the scorching day,
Walking through the freezing night.

At last, at last,
His destination, he came to be.
The place he could find solace.
The place where he should be.

In the home of a friend.
So warm and so safe.
In the presence of a friend.
So warm and so safe.

The Wanderer laid down to rest,
His head touched the ground, and he was no more.
Out he was, like a candle in a breeze.
Soundly asleep forever more.