Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm so glad that my view on all things in this world are not closed by the walls of religion.
A good example of such a thing is the begining of man. Were we created? Or did we evolve?

If I were constricted by the walls of religion I would say we were created.
But thankfully, I'm not. My answer would be evolution.

The world will not be inherited by the meek. But by the smart, the strong and the open minded.
In or future, there can be no place for religion, though it will still be around, the number of theists will be much lower than todays number.

I'm so glad that Tokio Hotel is vegetarian. Well at least Tom and Bill are. But they do ocassionaly eat fish, just like me.
I'm also on a vegetarian diet now as I can't bear the guilt of knowing an animal died so that I could eat it. But I'll still ocassionaly consume seafood. So you could say I'm an extremely moderate vegetarian.
We were meant to have dominion over animls? Please... No wonder the Dodo went extinct...

Monday, November 23, 2009



Much thanks to my friend Tiki!
You made my day with the link.
Maybe sometimes we just got to takes things slow and see the really simple things in life.
My Life Is Average.
MLIA Rocks!

But not as much as Tokio Hotel! ( I just had to assure myself...)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Exms are almost here!
Fliegt warum Zeit so schnell?

I'll probably stay back after school for the whole week to study with my friends...
Exams sucks!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Just finished watching another episode of TH TV.
Today's episode. MTV EMAs!
Man, my heart always flutters whenever I see Tokio Hotel...
I would gladly pay 1 million dollars per band member, just to meet with them, for one day!
My desire of seeing Tokio Hotel once in the flesh seems so far away.
I've gotta somehow get them to Singapore...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In your shadow I can shine

Here's a bonus track by Tokio Hotel, from their new album "Humanoid"
I really like this song. It seems so sad, and yet so full of hope!
I always feel like crying when I hear this song.

In your shadow I can shine - Tokio Hotel

And here's some pictures of Bill!

Bill during the filming of "Rette Mich"

Ooh! Black and White! I like this one alot!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We are soon coming to a new evolutionary stage. An age of machines and humans living together.

A new prosthetic hand has just been created. This prosthetic hand is revolutionary, as it can allow the user to feel. This is something that all previous prosthetics have not been able to accomplish. The scientists, who mostly come from the EU, are also planning on creating prosthetic legs with the same ability.

Soon I can become a cyborg... Or at least have the hope/chance of becoming one.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Exams are just around the corner, and I've been rather busy lately...
Truth is, things aren't exactly happening for me now.
I'm always worrying about things that seem illogical.
Things such as my future carrer, my future family, finances, etc...
Ah well, it's my nature to always think about things from every possible angle, that way I am never caught unawares.

Things have been rather slow, and boring as of late.
But I'm sure things will pick up.

It's confirmed that I will be going to Western Europe on the 16th of Dec 2009.
I'll be there for 13 days and I'll be enjoying it as much as I can.
I don't really see the French as I thought they were. Or at least I'm telling myself to give them a chance.
I'll be buying some shoes from over there, since they don't sell them in Singapore.

Places I'll be visiting in Western Europe seems quite interesting.
The first few days will be in Italy, I'll be in Rome, Pisa, Venice and of course the Vatican City.
I'm not a Christian anymore, but the thought of me standing in St. Peter's Square is mind blowing. Being able to travel to the seat of the Holy See is quite amazing!

Then after Italy we'll head up north to Switzerland, the homeland of Ovaltine! I have no idea why I said it, but it was the only thing that came to mind. In anycase I'd like to try skiing while there and also to look at all the Swiss knives and Rolexes. My only complain about them is about them not using the Euro. Which means, we'll have to change our currency to the Swiss Franc...

Then after a few days in Switzerland, we'll go up north again to Paris, France. We'll be spending the remaining few days in Paris. In fact the only stop in France is Paris. But no matter, I'll enjoy myself lots!

Looking forward to going to Western Europe!
But before that comes the exams. Something I'm looking forward to finishing and forgeting about. But I do hope that I'll fare better this time round.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Humanoid" ist hier!

Haha! I'm absolutely filled with joy right now!
Mein "Humanoid" CD ist hier! Danke Schoene eBay!!!

I'm so totally in love with all those songs!
Will try to get pictures up soon.

Now I'm just waitig for the english album to arrive and the bag as well.

Sorry for the delay.

I know I did say that I'd do a 3 part series on the Berlin Wall. So I just wanna apologize for me not being able to do it yet... I've been busy with school work this past week, and haven't really had the chance to start on this 3 part series yet... So once again I apologize and I'll try to get the posts up ASAP.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

20 Jahre Mauer Fall.

Today marks a remarkable day for many Germans. Berliners to be more precise. For it is on this day that we see the fall of the infamous Berlin Wall. It's been 20 years since the fall of the Wall, let us continue to hope that freedom will also come to countries which are divided by physical and/or ideological barriers.

I will do a 3 part series on this blog, tracing the history of the Berlin Wall.
Begining with...
The rise of the Wall.
The fall of the Wall.
The post Wall years.

So stay tuned to find out more about the Berlin Wall.
And may such a thing never happen again to Germany and the world.
Remember all those who died while crossing the Wall, and those who stood bravely against it.

20th year of the fall of the Wall.
20 Jahre Mauer Fall.

The Berlin Wall seen from West Berlin. (1986)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Arthur und die Minimoys 2

Here's a clip, courtesy of Tokio Hotel TV, of Bill talking about his role in "Arthur une die Minimoys 2".
After watching you really get an idea of how hard it actually is to make a movie, animated or not.
It helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the time and effort put into it.

Western Europe it seems...

Ok, so it seems that I'll probably be going to Western Europe instead. But I won't be able to go to Germany like I wanted. Instead we'll be going to Italy, Switzerland and France instead. I'm not exactly looking forward to France though. I hope that my thoughts about them being snobbish, rude and arrogant will turn out ti be misplaced.

I really feel great about Tokio Hotel winning the "Best Group" award at the MTV EMA Awards 2009.

Tokio Hotel Won!!!


Congrats to Tokio Hotel for winning the "Best Group" Award!
They preformed "World behind my Wall", one of my favourite songs from their new album "Humanoid"
I knew that they would make it!
So proud of them and I look forward to hearing more news of their success!

Congratulations guys!
All the best!

World behind my Wall - Tokio Hotel MTV EMA 2009

Tokio Hotel MTV EMA 2009 Acceptance speech

Tokio Hotel MTV EMA 2009 Backsage with Pete Wentz

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Africa or Europe? That is the question.

Okay, so this year's holiday would be either be 10 days in South Africa or 13 days in Eastern Europe. My mum would much rather go to Eastern Europe as it would be early winter there. I wouldn't mind either of those places.

Here's some more picturesof Bill.

All I want for Christmas is Tokio Hotel in a box...

Tom: Why? Why'd you hae to get dreadlocks too? Everyone knows I'm the only one with em!
Bill: Well I wanted to try something new!

And for those who don't know, Bill is reprising his voice role as Arthur in Arthur und die Minimoys 2!
Makes me wanna watch the show in Deutsch, just to hear his voice!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My dad could be the one thing that is peventing me from attending Tokio Hotel's concert in Spain or Austria, or anywhere in the world. Hopefully I can persuade him to let me go with my mum for the concert. I'm so looking forward to it. And yet it's so near yet so far.

And I hope that I can get the tickets at all. If I do then my dad will have no choice but to let me go for it. Haha! Otherwise it's be a waste of money.

Now I'm just waiting for Tokio Hotel's new album which I purchased from eBay at the cost of US$159.98.
So in S$ that would be about S$250... It's quite alot, but I'm glad that I managed to buy it.

So now I'm gonna be going for lessons with a real boring teacher. This teacher makes learning a chore...

Cheers Dr. Merkel!

Cheers to Angela Merkel!

She's the second chancellor to address the US Congress, an honor given to the US' closest allies, and something that hasn't been given to Germany since Konrad Adenauer 52 years ago.
In her speech she started by speaking about her past in the communist East Germany, the history of her nation. The Nazi war crimes. Thanked Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush Senior for their role in bringing an end to the Cold War.
She also talked about the global financial sector, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the military operations in Iran and Afghanistan. Dr. Merkel also spoke about the security of Israel being paramount.

I especially like her point about climate. As we all know the US produces the most greenhouse gases in the world. In her speech she asked for the US to reduce emissions, stating that by doing so China and India would be encouraged to follow suit.

More info to come as it is released.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Wilkommen zu Humanoid stadt"

I am now hoping...
... ...hoping... ...
... ... ...hoping... ... ...

For what? Here's a clue...

"Wilkmmen zu Humanoid stadt"

The chance to attend myfirst ever Tokio Hotel concert in a foreign country!
The chances of me going are about 50/50... Which if I'm were an optimist I would say is good.
If I were a pessimist however I would say it's no good...

In any case if I'm going, I'd probably be going to the concert in Barcelona, Madrid or Vienna.
Personally I'd prefer to go to the one in Vienna. I'd get to tour Austria before and after the concert before coming home to Singapore! I mean how cool is that? I'd get to attend a Tokio Hotel conzert and still get to tour Wien!

I'm now just hoping...
... ...hoping... ...
... ... ...hoping... ... ...

Ich Hasse Amazon!!!


I'm never ever using Amazon ever again!

Due to some gross error... My order was NOT processed. Which means I've been waiting so long for my "Humanoid" CDs for nothing!!!
The good thing is, I've just made my purchase order from eBay, and I've decided to get the deluxe edition for both English and German versions of the album.Included is the music CD, DVD and a flag. Plus bonus tracks and special V.I.P items that I can redeem from Tokio Hotel's website.

Bill, Bill, Bill, more Bill

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! MTV EMA Awards!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing all those who have been nominated for the various awards. But I'm most especially looking forward to Tokio Hotel!

Here's some pics of Bill to brighten your day!

Little Bill and Little Tom!

I've never seen Bill dressed like this!
It looks real good!

Oh gosh... Bill... Tank top...

Easter Bunny Bill!

MTV EMA Awards 2009

Only a few days left to the 2009 MTV EMA Awards in Berlin!
I'm looking forward to it, and I'll probably skip school this friday to watch it.
Maybe, maybe not... We'll see how it goes.

For all the Tokio Hotel fans out there, if you've yet to vote for them under "Best Group" category, please do so now, every vote counts! They deserve those votes!
Tokio Hotel Fuer Immer!