Saturday, October 8, 2011

Carry me off to that place once more.
To the heavens, where resides angel's core.
Corrupt it from the inside out.
And from the darkness quells the raging storm.

Gonna be home soon, and lots to tell then.
But until such a time, it is suffice to say that I am alive and well.
I had time enough to myself, as to be able to finish Agatha's best selling novel yet.
"And then there were none."
A splendidly written book, with traces of the supernatural within the natural.
With heightened sense of fear pervading the air, even I was drawn into the world of Soldier's Island.

It is my wish to be able to express myself artistically.
Call me bohemian, or longing for the life of the rich and the famous.
Whether real, or make belief.
 I think I shall enjoy being dead where I can live out my fantasies.
To drink and be merry, to kill without consequence.
A certain bloodlust resides in me, and yet, I am unable to hurt those that I can see.
Perhaps not those who are undesirable to us, and repungant to nature.
But then again, they are beyond my reach. Deaths made to look like accidents?
Murder is easy. The only trick is not getting caught.