Friday, September 5, 2008

To James and nnfytk

Dearest James,
Firstly, let me just say, confidently, that I don't know you and you don't know me. But let's put that aside. What makes you think I'm gay? I'm not sure that we've met, thus you can't have seen the way I talk and act right? Unless you've been my 'partner' before or you're a stalker... In that case, I'm flattered, I don't have any stalkers, you're the first. Secondly, I feel that believing in the natural, and being a free thinker like you is kinda boring, I've been one myself, I wasn't born a Christian y'know. Oh yeah, lets meet soon, you look like a fun guy to hang around. Lets meet up soon.
Faithfully, Ayron

you don't have to stand up for me, since you've already decided that you don't care, go and find someone else to stand up for. I don't need you. Anonymous people are such a bore... The sense of mystery don't help much

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