Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My blog apparently is visited not only by those who know it, but also those whom I haven't met. Strange, yet it doesn't matter. James, your vocabulary is appalingly limited. Might I suggest you read a dictionary whenever you're free. Oh, you must definitely be a stalker. At least I know now. Let me just say that people like you are cowards, stupid and just plain lame. Don't waste your time like that. Go do something creative, like looking for your aliens or something.

James, I don't know who you are and all, but please, do not think for a moment you can intimidate me or any of my friends. Your intimidation succeeds on other people only because you put up a fierce front. When it comes to actions, well... You're nothing. If you are mature you would know that fighting is for animals. Civilized people fight with words. Nice words I mean, not the type of colourful language that you use. Once again, I do not appreciate people like you, and you're just disgusting.

Also, I think I can choose waht I wanna believe. If I wanna believe in God then I'll continue believing in Him. You wanna believe in your aliens, then go ahead. It's a free country. Of course even if I saw an alien I'll still believe in my God.

And if you wanna talk things out you can always look for me. Don't spam my cbox. It's really irritating. I'll leave it here already, but I'm warning you now. Don't ever, ever disturb my friends, my family and I again, or you'll pay the piper. This I can assure you.

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