Monday, September 8, 2008


Today's my 3rd day of becoming closer to breakthrough! I just got back home from my prelims... Whoo... I tell you, it's actually easier than it seems! They were all like, "Prelims ah? Siao liao lah!" But thank God for peace of mind and clarity of thought. I managed to finish my history paper within the time limit when my other friends could not. So thank God for that. I also thank God that the essay that I wrote, was probably my best so far, and I can already hear my Humanities teacher going, "Ayron! Do so well, I thought never do assignment should fail!" Or something like that. Whatever it is, I do it not for my glory, but for my Father's. Let Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven today.

But for my physics practical, well... Not as well done, but! I've not given up on it. Initially when I saw that they've set up an electric cicuit, I thought, "Die liao!" But My Abba Daddy comforted me and when I started doing the paper, it was so easy! Unfortunately there were some changes that we had to make on the paper, (Change 0.50A to 0.70A ) which I left out! So pissed when I thnk about it... But nevermind! I have faith that I will still pass! Because Jesus is my God! Then for the chemistry practical I think I did rather well, but there were some rather wierd results collected, like, hydrogen gas evolved, but damp blue litmus paper turned red. Huh? Like what is going on?! Nevertheless, I repeated the experiment 3 times, thus if they find fault I have some form of evidence that this is the result I collected. In the end most of us were puzzled by the end result of solid Q and liquid P, so at least I ain't alone. Thank God though for this day! It's kinda fruitful, and now to study my maths before going out for dinner with Joel. And the condemned sat down for the last supper. Haha!

Joel, my bro! I'll miss you alot while you're in NS! It will mean we can't communicate as much, but nevertheless, I pray that NS will strengthen you both physically and spiritually (The spiritual part I'm not too sure how, but let God do the work!). I look forward to seeing you soon!
God bless ya! You're a wonderful brother to me and many people! Shine for Christ while in NS!

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