Friday, September 19, 2008


Well... From my previous post I guess you guys know that I didn't do very well. But thank God that my teacher praised me for something.

Ms Chin: Okay this question is God sent for those geography students. You all hor should be very good with this. Even Ayron got better answers than me.

Marcus Cheng: Ms Chin, Ayron is history student.

Ms Chin: Is it? I nearly wanted to tell your geography teacher how well he did. So all those geography students who don't get full marks should be ashamed!

Haha! It's nice to hear comments like that from my chemistry teacher.
Unfortunately, I've also disappointed my math teacher...

Mr Chew: Ayron, this paper hor, utter disappointment...

*sigh* I never thought that I would disappoint him. But it also shows that he has high hopes for me. So does my english teacher and my chemistry teacher... Now they're all asking me for A1...

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