Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A fantastic meeting with Mr. Jimmy Yim and Pastor Kong last night. A great time of sharing and I got to see Pastor Kong in a different light.

Mr. Jimmy Yim is our church's legal advisor and the defense lawyer of the Novena church trial. He shared a few details that the newspaper did not report and I got to see, in a way, the way a trial runs. Not easy. But what he said in the end is very true.

In this time and age, you cannot play the good Samaritan, without being prudent.
-Mr. Jimmy Yim

We then had a 15 minutes break, afterwich Pastor Kong came and shared with us his burden for the church. He showed us an hour long video on a tour of New Life church in Taiwan, headed by Pastor Abraham.

A few things that really impacted me as I watched this video
-All the members of New Life church play an active part.
-They have limited resources, but they are doing so much more.
-The members are very creative, using every bit of opportunity to evangelise.
-The members really love their pastor.
-They learnt everything from City Harvest Church.

Pastor was just sharing that why is it that New Life church is experiencing exponential growth, and we are struggling with 8%-15% growth. Pastor, I'll be a son of the house.

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