Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ubermensch und Untermensch

The concept of Ubermensch and Untermensch, which in German means 'Super human' and 'Sub-human' respectively, is a concept that would gather much controversy. Adolf Hitler's belief that Germans were Aryan, a race of Nordic super humans, and that all other races who were not were considered sub human, and therefore, 'Life unworthy of life'

The result of this classification of the human race has been the Holocaust. 6 million Jews and other undesirables (Political prisoners, Homosexuals, Religious prisoners and those of 'Non-Aryan' Descent). Not only that, but Hitler instituted the T4 Euthansia programme in a bid to stamp out hereditary diseases, genetic defects, mental and physical problems from within his own German Reich. This was so that future generations of Germans would not have these diseases and problems, which is not fitting with Hitler's ideal of the Aryan Ubermensch.

So would it be a problem if I said I believed in the concept of the Ubermensch? Probably. People would therefore associate me with racial discrimination, ethnic discrimination, intolerance, and the worst of all, a Neo-Nazi. Of which I would have to say that I'm not.

While I am a proponent of Super humans, I am an avid opponent of the concept of sub humans. There is no right bestowed upon us by our own morals and ethics that say that we should 'remove' those who are racially and ethnically different from us. There is nothing that says we should euhanise those who are suffering from ills.

My idea of the Ubermensch is not someone who thinks himself superior to others based on those lines. My idea of the Ubermensch will think himself superior because it is the truth. Enhanced mental capabilities, Immunity to diseases, lifespans of 500 years and more, etc, etc... How would the Ubermensch come about? Through genetic modifications, cybernetics, such as the exo-cortex, prosthetics that would replace failing body parts. The list is endless, but these are some of the ways I see it coming.

My concept of the Ubermensch will not include the idea of the Untermensch, as all men are equal. Be it rich or poor, smart or not so smart, male or female. The only thing there will be is that some of us will accept that they want to be superior mentally and physically, through bio-engineering, cybernetics, prosthetics, or a mix. While on the other hand, some of us might reject it claiming it to be a violation of the human body, against their morals and ethics or, in my view the worst argument of all, against their religion.

There is an Ubermensch, but no Untermensch. To believe contrarywise is not only dangerous to society at large, but is also a form of extremism which should be stamped out as soon as it is detected.

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