Friday, October 29, 2010

I want to...

I bring my knees to my chest.
Feeling the beating of my heart.
Hearing my heavy breathing.
Feeling the coldness of the floor.

The Autumn leaves are falling now.
The red, the orange, the yellow.
The dancing leaves blown in the wind.
Like royalty at a ball.

It's cold out there, behind the glass.
It's warm and safe in here.
But how long before I crumble?
How long before I fall?

I long to be held in your arms.
To be held in your soft embrace.
For you to hold me gently,
As a mother does her babe.

I want to be your joy.
I want to be your comfort.
Just as you are to me always.
Just as you've always been.

I want to kiss away your tears.
I want chase away your fears.
I want to cook breakfast for you.
To be there when you call.

So there's my declaration.
I await on the floor.
Seek me out before I crumble.
Please, don't let me fall.

P.S: Probably the last literary work that I will post here. I'm in the process of finding time off to start a new blog for my literary work. Will update about it soon.

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