Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bought a whole bunch of DVDs after dinner last night...
Still no sign of James Cameron's Avatar... Which made me a little less than sad...
But still having a whole bunch of horror movies, documentaries, foreign shows, does make me feel a little better.
Buying a new game helped that as well.

Gonna be off to work soon, and work my butt off. (Figuratively)
I wish there was no need for money... Alas, that's what the communists wanted, and I don't see it happening for a few more hundreds of years. But anywho I'll be back to enjoy some R&R later in the afternoon.
Gosh... I miss you...

What happens when the curtain falls?
The masks are dropped and so are the walls.
Behind the huge velvet curtains of the opera stage.
We look at each other, the 2 young men of age.

We both take steps forward,
Thinking of how to form our word.
Before you know it we're in front of each other.
Still staring and staring beyond the thoughts and bother.

In the light of the shadows.
In the presence of the crows.
We sit there on the edge.
Together we fall off the ledge.

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