Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pff... My confusion leds to frustration.
But if my confusion leads to frustration, could it be portents of something I've been dreading?
That whatever we are is actually non-existent?
That we could lose it all in an eye blink?

But still, under the surface, I have an inkling that that is not true.
That the reason for my frustration is my continuous lack of answers.
I have mine, but I don't have the other party's.
And that is the most important piece of the puzzle.

I need that answer, but daren't procure it.
Do I fear the answer? Yes I do.
Do I leave myself hanging in suspense. I don't want.
But if I fear the answer, then I must live with the suspense.

Only when I have become brave, and fear nothing,
Can I finally begin to get my answer.
And before such a time, I shall have to content myself with what I have.
And know that I may never get my answer.

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