Thursday, October 14, 2010


To probably the 2 most important friends to me...
You have lots to account for. The both of you have made me walk a road.
A road that I once took. But I swerved and changed from the walking path to a little dirt road.
On that little dirt road, the things I saw, and the things I experienced. I wasn't ready for it.
And I didn't like it... But then I met you. Things could only get better for me.
You helped me to feel confident in myself again. To be who I am, without needing to conform to society, or any clique. You helped me to appreciate myself again. Because I knew that the both of you liked me for who I am.
Be it my style, my personality, my characteristics. You liked it. And I found myself drawn to you.
I never knew that such a trip to a far away land could make such a thing happen.
But there, I had found my fellow soul. Perhaps it's too early to be writing such things.
Perhaps things might happen that may cause us to drift apart.
I hope that never happens. And if I were a praying man, I would pray for it not to happen.
But still, it's important that the both of you know how I feel...
One of you will read this. The other won't. But I'm still writing anyways, I don't know why.
In anycase, this is how I feel. So... Thanks. I wish I could do more than just write and say thank you.
I wish I could be there to take you guys out for a dinner, or a drink. Nothing spectacular, I know.
But it would be way better than writing this to you.

Very, very, sincerely,
Your friend,
Ayron Elijah Sim

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