Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stop it Ayron. It's wrong.
It's not right...
It's a selfish thing to do.
Snap out of it and distant yourself.

But I can't!
Don't you see?! I can't!
And don't even tell me to try!
Because I can't! I won't!

God! Listen to yourself!
What's wrong? What's happened to you?
You need to sit down and think!
Get your answer and then forget about it...
Don't do this to yourself. It hurts...

And what about me?!
Do you think that this doesn't hurt me?!
I want it to be real. I want it so bad...
But knowing that it probably won't be true.
Or that it might be taken from me any minute...
What is this feeling that troubles me so?
I've never felt it so deep within.

Please, my son...
I wish you would stop thinking about it.
It's not good for you... And I want you to be happy.

You know what makes me happy...
And you know you can't give it.

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