Saturday, October 31, 2009

Way to go! Gold in 7 countries!

Tokio Hotel's new album "Humanoid" has gone gold in 7 countries after hitting the top 3. France, Portugal, Spain are just some of the countries, but the real suprise is from Mexico, where it ht number 1 on the song charts.

Their new European tour, "Welcome to HUMANOID city!" will start on the 22nd of Feb 2010. I'm looking forward to the release of that new DVD, seeing as I won't be able to attend the concert in person. Of course I would love to.

And here's another song from their new album which I simply adore, and another one from their older album, which I seem to have fallen in love with.

The lyrics are so meaningful and I really love it.

World behind my Wall - Tokio Hotel

1000 Meere - Tokio Hotel

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