Saturday, October 10, 2009


Current Mood: Bored out of my gourd. Sad.

Reason for being bored out of my gourd: No more friends at my place.
Reason for being sad: All good things have to come to a temporary end.

So I've just ended a 24++ hour reunion with 2 of my primary school friends. It was a real treat to finally meet them again after 4 long years. In between we lost contact with one another, since I didn't have a handphone then, and we all didn't have one another's email, we lost contact with one another.

But by some astronomical coincedence, Samir knows one of them, Favian. They're both studying in the same school, and so Samir was kind enough to arrange a meeting for the him and me. I was really really ecstatic when Samir told me that Favian wanted to meet up with me. I was like, "Oh my gosh! It's Favian! It's been too long!" And so we ended up catching up on msn, and arranging a meeting time. Which was also when I found out that his twin brother, Andre, was studying in the same school as me. The funny thing is, we never saw one another...

In anycase we had a heap load of fun, more fun than I've had in quite a long time. We just chatted and caught up with one another, played the Wii, watched some movies and did some really weird stuff... Unfortunately all good things must come to a temporary end...

So now here I am feeling kinda bored and sad... We gotta meet up again and have some fun!

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