Friday, October 23, 2009

Just got a call from Liming... We talked about certain things.
When he asked me if I'm angry, I naturally replied truthfully. Yes, naturally I'm angry. But I've no idea at who or what. So when he heard that, he asked me to be pissed off at him... I take it as an insult on my character...
Let's make things clear, I'm not someone who get angry at others for no cause. So don't ask me to get pissed off at anyone just to calm me down, because it won't.
It seems to me as if I'm being blamed for things that has happend. Perhaps it isn't what it is, but still I can't help but get the feeling of being victimized here.

Truly, I've made a mistake and won't ever repeat it again.
I'll be more cautious when choosing friends now.
I'll be so much more tight lipped.

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