Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Surrogates. Live life... only better.

I would give "Surrogates" a 5/5 rating, for being an action packed sci-fi movie with interesting plot line, with a few wonderful twists.

"Surrogates" is a show set 6 years in the future, from now. In the year 2017, humans hardly interact with one another face to face, instead relying on robots called Surrogates, to do that. The benefits of a surrogate are numerous, one being, any one you want to be, and another is to be immune to any form of damage. However in the show surrogates are being killed one by one, and it turns out, that as the surrogate dies, so too does the owner. This defeats the purpose of a surrogate and that's the interesting part of the show. I do recommend this show to anyone who is thinking of watching a movie.

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