Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

So once again Zhi came over and stayed over.
This time he was well prepared, got shoes, clothes, towel...
Really well prepared...

Well actually didn't want to go to church on Saturday, but in the end I went.
Went together with Shyang Zhi to KFC for lunch first before heading to church.
So anywho, pastor Tan preached.
Finished service and headed to roof top garden.
Then a series of events led to the taking of this picture...

If you want to know what happened just ask me, in fact I think you can only ask me...
Cause I think PY too 'pai seh' to talk about it. Haha!!!

Well after we hung out at rooftop we decided to head home, but ended up going to Mac at JP with Emy, Pammy, Zhi and myself.

Then had a craving for mango milkcurd, but the shop close already so I couldn't eat what I was craving... Anyways I was bored so I asked them what they wanna do. We agreed to just walk about. Then ended up going to SAFRA to look for PY and Sam. But couldn't find them...

Then invited Zhi over to my place again to stay over, then we played Xbox again and then we knocked out.


Woke up around 9, then went to bathe and stuff, Zhi woke up as well, then we had Mac for brunch. (I know what you're thinking... Mac again?)

Then went for CG at Cynthia's place. It was super duper awkward. I can't say I enjoyed the CG meeting... But I did enjoy fellowshipping. So after CG we hung around Cynthia's place for awhile before going to MOS Burger at BPP. Then some bros decided to go play LAN. But I came home, so here I am blogging. Now I'm gonna go shower and sleep!


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