Saturday, July 11, 2009


Kevin came over with Li Ming yesterday to just chill at my place, then Zhi came over rather unexpectedly as well. In a good way. Had fun just hanging out with them, and having dinner with them.

Kevin and Li Ming left earlier but Zhi stayed till it was so late that he had to stay over. Of course I let him, I definitely feel better. I watched a Jap mystery thriller while Zhi used my laptop to surf the net, play mafia wars, do facebook quizzes, etc... I think I went out around 1:30am... Then I awoke again at about 3:30am... And guess what Zhi was still awake! I went back to sleep again and woke up around 5am to find Zhi sleeping on the chair. So I woke him up and prepped his bed for him.

As of now Zhi Zhi is still asleep, while I am awake blogging away.

Meeting Wei Yang later at JP for lunch... Still considering whether I should go to church or not...

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