Thursday, July 9, 2009

Final Results for MST

PEEE: 64/100
DE: 33/100
Engineering Maths: 21.5/100

This is demoralizing...

We got a new DE teacher, and he sucks... He acts like a gangster, talks like one, and is by far the worst teacher I've ever met in 10 years of education.

It'll be a miracle if I can pass DE during the next exam.
Next exam is scheduled for the 24th of August.
Counting down now...

Stll confused and irritated with myself...
Angry and pissed off...
Not only at myself, but at others who presume to make decisions for me.

On a brighter note, I've managed to will myself to start packing for the moving to Centris. And I've managed to pack 8 boxes full of my books and misc stuff.
Also we've received our TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit), which means we'll get the keys soon.

Can't wait to move in to our new house.
It'll be a brand new start, with brand new surroundings.
Matte Kudasai... Scratch the new surroundings part...
Anyway I'll get a new room, which will be, unsuprisingly, decorated Japanese style.

Can't wait for Kevin, maybe with Li Ming, to come over tomorrow.
Hope to have loads of fun with him!

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