Friday, July 24, 2009

Lost Heaven

Hmm... Talked to Joel last night over MSN, and thought about alot of things.
To hang on to something such as me... It's futile.
I said it before, I'm a unsupported pillar...

I'm saying good bye Lost Heaven.
How I long for Heaven...
I'm letting go of something I've never had.
Time goes so fast.
Heaven is lost...


No longer i said...

Dear Ayron... remember the prodigy son? one is lost outside... while the other is lost in the house... but both are lost. however, one of them chooses to cherish his relationship with the father more than his own guilt, shame and separation. Ayron, let your identity be found in Jesus.

Love and believe in you always.


Yvonne said...

Hey aryon,heaven is lost only if u think so. You are the son of God, u have the word of god and most importantly, you have the holy spirit! Pls dun get offended when u see tis,cause i think that u had changed alot since i know u from last yr. And i hope to see the faithful, cheerful aryon again!:)