Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So far, this is my longest running blog.

Anywho, had a lovely chat with my aunt, and parents.
Possibly going to Kyoto, Japan in September.
Discussed about some things like food at my school,
how's my school and stuff like that.

Heading off to school in a moments time.
But I wish I could stay at home...
Maa... Well I suppose I've got to go.
Haven't been to church for a week already.
And this week will make it the 2nd week.

Shyang Zhi's been coming to my house for 2 weeks already.
It's kind of nice for him to come over and stay over.
We have fun playing Xbox, him using the computer,
and me watching movies and television.

The silence is enjoyable.
Without him coming over to talk about things related to God...
I'm content.

I do hope he'll come again this Friday...

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