Thursday, August 21, 2008

People don't change

If you've ever watched House M.D, then you'll understand when Dr. Gregory House says, "People don't change." Thinking on what he said, it's quite true. I have come to believe that people don't change. They suppress. People don't change their characteristics, they suppress it and produce another. Mean while these suppressed traits and personalities are stored away in the subconcious of the subconcious, forgotten, but still there. They are then stored away forever. Some of us go through our entire lives not realizing that they are suppressing their characteristics. Those that do realize, however, are more prone to remebering them. This can be brought on by a distant faded memory, a recent event, etc, etc... In short, a powerful incident. The person then chooses to embrace his/her old characteristics again, or to discard them back into the subconcious of the subconcious.

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