Friday, August 8, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies

In the midst of life we are constantly caught up with work, studies, relationship problems, financial problems, etc, etc... (the list just goes on and on.)

We seek desperately for ways to find peace. Suicide? It's quite common really. Hanging out with friends? It's really common, nothing I have against. But please ensure you're with the right type of friends. Doing more work? I'm not too sure abouth this one, but some of my classmates do more homework to find peace. (wierd huh?)

For me, my peace is in God. In Him I am secure. Knowing very well that He is watching over me. I thank God that I have the talent to cook. Besides God I find peace in cooking. And enjoying homemade chocolate chip cookies! (makes me sound like and emotional eater...) But it just brings me great joy to enjoy my own creations. I'm bringing those chocolate chip cookies for cell group meeting later. I made 'em especially for Emy! I miss you sister! Can't wait to see you later. But more importantly I thank God that we're having cell group meeting later. Let it be a time of encounters with Him!

Much loves!

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