Saturday, January 23, 2010

Funnest Day Ever!

Fantastic! Wonderful! Lovely isn't it? Sorry Morgan... Haha! Can't help myself.

Had the absolutest bestest day for 2010 so far.

Same as usual, woke up around 8am, shower, brushed my teeth, did my face, hair, etc, etc...

Then came back to my room to get dressed, simple this time because I was rushed, just a simple black Giordano muscle tee with my leather jacket, black jeans from Zara, white and grey belt from Loewe, and my Kenzo shoes. I would have worn something nicer if I had the time... Well anyways, just when I was about to leave my home I couldn't find my wallet, and I would've found it if my mum didn't rush me! She was like, "C'mon, hurry up! I'm late!" and stuff like that. So that made my sweet morn into a pretty sour morn...

Anyways arrived at AC around 9.50am, and Morgan was there already! She's always there earlier than me! Gotta change my habit and be there earlier than her. So I met <3 and Tiki today, <3 was lucky that I wasn't in a pretty good mood in the morning, otherwise she'd be crawling out of AC with broken legs for being a hater... But anywho they're a fun bunch of people!

We hung out at the AC, went back to the Eagle's Nest for lunch, and I had my waffles again! And the Mozerella Cheese Sticks! It was simply heavenly... Then we headed to Far East to walk and shop and talk, but then Tiki had to go home early for her music lessons... So it was down to Morgan, Nicky, <3, and myself... We spent about 40mins at Far East before heading over to ION, where we were "Scream"ing all over again... Then at ION we split up for awhile, but we got back together as a group eventually. And apparently Morgan and Nicky will gasp at everything that I don't know, that's American... They were shocked that I don't know what's this and that... I'm Singaporean... Please don't hold it against me...

So anyways I learnt how to play Mao... It's a pretty confusing game... And then I learnt how to play War... Or was it More? I dunno... So we spent quite a bit of time at ION before heading over to Takshimaya, where I picked up my fashion design books! And a DVD by Tim Burton. It's gonna be a great watch. So then we headed up to Brick World, where we had fun playing with the Lego. We built the tallest structure ever in the shop's history! We then left from Takshimaya to Cathay where we had more fun! We took pictures in those photo booths, apparently that's a very American thing to do... So I took the photos with them, and yeah that was fun as well.

Then we had no idea where to go to next so we just walked about, from Cathay to Paragon, Lucky Plaza, and then back to ION... And the wierdest thing happened at Paragon, I made a comment that I was gonna donate sperm at the sperm bank in Paragon as a joke, then Morgan made a very loud comment... "You've donated sperm before?!" I was sure everyone who heard turned to look at us... It was the randomest, loudest and funniest comment ever! We had such loud random conversations while we were at Paragon. Then after all the fun we went our seperate ways at ION.

The day was absolutely the bestest best ever. And it was even better that I got to spend it with such Awesome, Fun, Hyper, Fantastic, Wonderful, Beautiful, Exciting, Random and Lovely people.
Definitely the Super Duper Uber Interesting Bestest Best Best Bestest Best Friends ever!

Here are the pics!

Building the tallest Lego Tower. Ever!

It's taller then the 2 giants!

The photobooth pics. Gotta do it again...

Noodles? Guess again... Courtesy of Nicky!

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