Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A whole bottle of wine.

I dreamt of a cocktail.
And I still remember the recipe.
Will go shopping tomorrow for the ingredients.
Who knows what this concoction will be?
Oh, went to get my spectacles made as well.
Shock! Yes, I know... I wear specs people. Control yourselves!
Uhm, just finished a whole bottle of wine. Yeap! Guilty as charged.
Replied a really long email. And I mean really long. I mean, who spends 3 hours replying a single email?!
Oh yeah, me! That's who!
Got a really great idea for Xmas gifts!
Gonna shop for them tomorrow!
Wrote a new 'dark' poem!
Yes, I have a dark side to my literary skills besides all the fluffy little poems.
Did a new drawing to complement the poem!
Discussed religion and politics and literature with some friends!
I forgot all about NaNoWriMo, thanks to my enlistment letter!
Gonna serve the army soon. Crap... Every cloud has a silver lining. Whoever said that better be right!
Am I insane? Yes! According to a Facebook quiz...

Note to all my lovely readers: This blog post was not brought on due to the fact that I finished a whole bottle of wine *hic*

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