Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Primal. Raw. Unbridled Beauty

Primal. Raw. Unbridled Beauty.
That's what it is, the nakedness of the human body. Beautiful to behold. Unique in every way.
Unfortunately nakedness would not be looked upon as beautiful. At least ever since pornography came in.
Ever since then, the value of naked beauty has been declining. So much so that it's hard for one to see a naked body and not get sexually aroused. Filled with lusts of the flesh. Polluted with thoughts of doing the naked one and be done with it. Such things are terrible.

One must look upon the act of sex as an art form. To see two bodies entwined together, connected at the hip and/or the lips. A symbolic bond of possesive ownership. A bond that one shares with only one other, or with several others. Though it is my personal belief that such a powerful thing should be shared with your one and only. Also one must take time to savour the beauty of one's partner. Never having sex for the sake of having it, or giving in to lust. To take the time to feel every part of one's partner, to just look, admire, and be captivated by his/her beauty is the highest silent compliment one can give...

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