Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goodness, I had a looonnnnggggg rant on both twitter and FB...
I'll post it up here when I get back from work...

But on a more serious note...
I have noticed the extreme frailty of the human body, the human mind and the human psyche.
I have noticed that we are easily disturbed, as a puddle of water.
A single drop of water into that puddle causes ripples.
And so, just like that puddle of water, so are we.
I am noticing that we are more frail than before.
I do not want to die. I want to live.
And still, the dreams of immortality and eternal youth seem so near, yet so far.
I've had thoughts of living forever, in my mind. I've had thoughts of utopia.
But it is not possible.
Frail humans... So weak, and so naive...
If there is a higher power, it does not care... And it's planning is as flawed as it is ludicrous.
If there are aliens. I beg them to come and take us away. Evolve us.
If there is nothing. Then I beg Death to take us all in this instant.
Human kind is ultimately doomed if we do not do something.
And it won't be mother nature that kills us. It will be Human Nature.

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