Monday, November 15, 2010

Salt mine to salt mine

*Sigh* 3 weeks will go by really fast.
And I will leave this salt mine. Only to be transferred to another...
The only question is... Will the next one be better than the previous one?
Ah, we'll see, we'll see...
In about a month or so, we'll see if Ayron survives at all.
*Sigh* Life is cruel...

But still, looking at the glass half full will help me get through it.
I don't have to be the best soldier.
And I don't have to meet everyone's expectations.
So here's something for you, my commander's to be.
I'll do what you ask me to, as is my obligation.
And I'll say what you want me to, as is my obligation.
But I'm my own man, and don't expect anything else out of me.
I'll serve my nation with pride. But no more than that.
Call me a 'on the fence' citizen. But I know where else my true skills lie.
It most definitely won't be in the army.

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