Wednesday, November 24, 2010

15 days left...
Still a little sick, but I think I'm on the mend.
Returning to work after 4 days of rest.
In other news...

N. Korea shells S. Korean military base.
The South is angered. As is the rest of the 'civilized' world.
My view is that the South has every right to conduct military drills within their own territory.
But when they chose to conduct it near the N. Korean border, they should expect some form of military response, as they should very well know after several decades of minor skirmishes, arising because of such a situation.

I'm not condoning the North's response at all, for those who might misinterprt my views.
I'm merely stating that both sides were to blame. The North, as usual responded to the military exercise by flexing their own military muscle. Certainly there are other ways to resolve the matter, but I think, considering that Kim Jong Un, is the next in line, and that he has been slowly gaining power within the N. Korea government, the attack was likely condoned by both Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un, as a sign to the North Koreans that the new leader is a man of action, not words.

Still, I don't know for certain. It's just my appallingly terrible analysis of the situation.

Nach arbeit, nach arbeit...

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