Monday, February 22, 2010

*Sniff Sniff Sniffles...* Damn tears won't flow...

I'm trying to sleep, yet I can't...
I feel like crying but I can't.
The tears just won't flow.

You know how it's like, sometimes you go to bed fine,
But the next day you wake up feeling like crap.
You feel the weight of the world just crashing down on you.
You feel the burden of everyone on this planet.

The good thing is, some people can just cry it all out.
Some can't...

Anyways, a list of stuff that I wanna get for myself...

List of stuff I wanna have.
- A diary (Yes, I think it's time I had one. It's never too late to start.)
- A job (Please call me back Hush Puppies)
- A Special Someone. (Gender doesn't matter.)
- Someone please help me fill up this list.

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