Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not what I expected...

Most fans of Tokio Hotel would know that they've kicked off they're new Humanoid Tour.
Most fans by now would have watched snippets of some of their shows.

I, being a fan of Tokio Hotel, have obviously known about it and seen the snippets.
People who know me will see me coming to the defence of Tokio Hotel, with near fanatical zeal, whenever there are people who talk bad about them, either as indivuals or as a band.

While we all still love Tokio Hotel, I've got to say that the new tour isn't what I expected it to be...
The songs are great, no doubt about it, but the stage set up and Bill's vocals were not as great as I hoped it to be.

One of the redeeming factors would be his costume. I think it's a wonderful costume, that goes well witht he theme of the tour. However, it's a little too heavy. I think a better substitute would be a leather jacket with LED lights studding the outfit or little light sticks sewn into the hem of the jacket, or a combination of both. That way the costume would bring about the theme needed for the show, but not seem too heavy.

But what do I know eh? I'm just a lover of Tokio Hotel. Nothing more =)

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