Friday, February 26, 2010

The perfect moment

Today doesn't feel right...

I just wanna curl up into a little ball under my blanket and hide away...
With the sound of the rain pummeling my window.
To see the occasional flash of lightning,
And hear the occasional rumble of thunder.

The darkness enveloping my room, the only light is from my laptop.
Slow music playing in the background as I ponder about some stuff.
To feel alone. So alone in this big wide world...
To feel the coldness of metal upon warm flesh.

To drip rubies and bask in the warmth of it.
To see crimson and be excited.
To taste wine and lust for more of it.
To smell sweet sweet roses and crave for more.

The perfect moment in time.
When all stands still.
The clocks no longer tick.
The day does not progress.

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