Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm so glad that my view on all things in this world are not closed by the walls of religion.
A good example of such a thing is the begining of man. Were we created? Or did we evolve?

If I were constricted by the walls of religion I would say we were created.
But thankfully, I'm not. My answer would be evolution.

The world will not be inherited by the meek. But by the smart, the strong and the open minded.
In or future, there can be no place for religion, though it will still be around, the number of theists will be much lower than todays number.

I'm so glad that Tokio Hotel is vegetarian. Well at least Tom and Bill are. But they do ocassionaly eat fish, just like me.
I'm also on a vegetarian diet now as I can't bear the guilt of knowing an animal died so that I could eat it. But I'll still ocassionaly consume seafood. So you could say I'm an extremely moderate vegetarian.
We were meant to have dominion over animls? Please... No wonder the Dodo went extinct...

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