Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheers Dr. Merkel!

Cheers to Angela Merkel!

She's the second chancellor to address the US Congress, an honor given to the US' closest allies, and something that hasn't been given to Germany since Konrad Adenauer 52 years ago.
In her speech she started by speaking about her past in the communist East Germany, the history of her nation. The Nazi war crimes. Thanked Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush Senior for their role in bringing an end to the Cold War.
She also talked about the global financial sector, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the military operations in Iran and Afghanistan. Dr. Merkel also spoke about the security of Israel being paramount.

I especially like her point about climate. As we all know the US produces the most greenhouse gases in the world. In her speech she asked for the US to reduce emissions, stating that by doing so China and India would be encouraged to follow suit.

More info to come as it is released.

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