Friday, December 4, 2009

Thoughts of the day

Hmph... Well, well, well...

Exams are next Montag... Warum zeit fliegt so schnell?!
Oh well... Can't be helped.
So now I'm down with a sore throat and a mild cold. Nothing I can't handle.
This affirms my belief that humans are frail beings with much potential.
We've not reached the end of our evolutionary ladder. We're not even halfway there. But we'll get there.

Wir sind Hunde Los!
We won't be constrained!
We won't be held back!
We are dogs unleashed!

Loving Tokio Hotel more and more each day...
Replace "Tokio Hotel" with "God" and that'll be what I used to say to a figment of my imagination, and indeed, the imagination of the other 1 billion Christians and Roman Catholics, everyday.
But not anymore. I feel so free.

But yeah, seriously loving Tokio Hotel more and more each and every passing day!
Thanks for the great songs and encouragement!
Come to Singapore!

Ooh! Strong and confident!

Bill at the Berlin premiere of "Arthur und die Minimoys 2"

Bill sporting fashion by Karl Otto Lagerfeld!

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