Monday, August 17, 2009

My future

I've been thinking about my future for the past 20 mins while listening to Tokio Hotel. (Obvious isn't it?)

Anyways, this is my future...

Get my DID, go over to Germany and live there.
Work hard in an ID firm and earn loads of cash.
Hook up with a nice German girl,
Get married and have 3 kids. (All boys, hopefully...)
Raise them as my parents raised me.
Love them and my wife.
Never forget about my family in Singapore.
Invite them over every year for holiday.
See my children grow up, and achieve their dreams.
See my kids get married, and have their own kids.
Become a grandparent.
Love my kids, and grand kids, and my wife.
See my grand kids get married and have their own kids.
Become a great-grandparent.
Love my kids, grand kids, great-grand kids and my lovely wife.
Be at my deathbed, surrounded by my family.
And it'll either stop here or continue...

Oh and, somewhere in between that whole list of things, go for as many Tokio Hotel concerts as possible!

The more I think about it, the more confident I become, that ID is for me.
I'll do everything humanly possible to get a course transfer.
I'll scream it out loud, cause I believe it.
I'll scream it out loud, cause I can feel it.
I'll scream it out loud, and when it hurts...
I'll scream even louder!

Believing in my dream is very important. To have a course in life. A destination.
To have passion and to live a vibrant life.
And when I'm down, to have motivation.

I just wanna give thanks to my Mum and Dad in this post...
Thank you so much for encouraging me all these years, for the good advice you've given me.
For the love you've shown and showered upon me.
While I'm never perfect, you still love and care for me.
So, many many thanks to my loving parents.
Please support me in my decisions.


I wanna thank Tokio Hotel for their encouragement.
Your music inspires me and gives me strength.
And every time I hear your music, I feel as if it was made for me.
It's probably very cliche already, but I mean what I say.
Thanks so much!

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