Monday, August 24, 2009

Kino sees ghosts?

It's now the Hungry Ghost Festival.
According to Chinese belief, ghosts from hell are given a 1 month parole.
They are released from hell to visit their family members or do whatever it is that ghost do.
Ever since the second day of the Hungry Ghost Festival
Kino, my dog has been avoiding dark areas of the house, and also avoiding the doorway.
Even if the light is on, she won't go near there.
Even when we want to bring her out for a walk she gets absolutely terrified.
Tail between her legs as she backs away from the door.

So anyway Kino has been sleeping in my room for 2 nights already...
And she likes to push people off thier own beds...
Can't wait for the Hungry Ghost Festival to be over...
Dogs can see ghosts...
At least that's what they say...
Here's 2 rather old picture of Kino

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