Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The fear of taking back what I said is so very real now.
The song says, "Where would I be without You here in my life?"
I've no answer to that.
I've never felt so dry and so barren before.
All that I've done for the past 2 weeks has been hypocritical.
It just isn't fair to me...
I wish what I shared for testimony would come to pass.
Unfortunately, it ain't so.
It's been too long.
I guess, from what I've heard from others much younger than me, that I'm not the favoured one.
Another promise, among many more, which has failed to come to pass.
I've read some blogs of interest.
I'm a coward.
I suppose this is what someone once called, sifting.
Tis' the season of sifting out those who are committed and those who aren't.
Friends truly indeed are seasonal.

Going for my History paper today.

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