Monday, October 13, 2008


I spent the night writing this story, followed by a night's rest with Kino.

Once, a man committed a crime. He was brought beofre the emperor. The emperor knew the gravity of the situation and, by law, should have sentenced him to death. The emperor without a second thought immediately pardoned the man, not only for this crim, but all else he had committed. The man left the castle with tears in his eyes, and joy in his heart.

The emperor's councillors were puzzled at his decision and consulted the emperor, "Why, my liege, did you pardon the man? He has committed a grave crime and should be punished."
The emperor simply replied, "The man has committed a crime, no doubt. But I love my subjects as a father. Would not a father pardon his son when he has wronged? Would a father condemn his son if he has erred? I would think not."

The councillors, not satisfied with his reply continued to speak amongst themselves, and then came back to the emperor, "But sire, wouldst not the man err again and yet again? Wouldst he not take the opportunity to continue this life of crime and sin?"
The emperor smiled and said, "If I took his life, would I not have robbed him of his chance of redemption? If I took his life would not I have sinned, though the blade not fall by my hand? And who am I that I should not forgive him when He above, has forgiven me my many sins? Because I love him, I have forgiven the man. Now leave this matter and never bring it up again."

-Power is when we have every justification to kill, but choose not to.

3 days to 'O' Levels.

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